My diary game: My sister's induction: 22-05-23

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It was a fateful Tuesday morning where I had to stay wake from 2am because I accidentally woke and there were my eye brows I needed to fix. Don't ask the occasion, it was my sister's pharmacy induction. 😊

My friends called me co-celebrant so yea, expect me to look glam. We had done some core preparations the night before, frying the meat, slicing the afang and someother things that would would survive the night.
That morning, after waking to shape my eye brows, I did same to my sister who was already awake.

I'm still a learner remember, so I took forever doing the simple step. Then t'was 5am and mum said everyone should come for daily text. We were about 11 of us and we did the morning worship just like a family.
In less than 15mins we were done and hopped in to work. The guys pounded afang, the ladies washed and assisted in cooking both rice and Afang soup.

That couldn't be break fast so we had to make a little breakfast of biscuits, bread and Pringles with homemade pap. Trust me, you can't beat the taste.

So much cooking, I can still remember how the aroma flooded the compound. 🌝Sadly, I had to leave for a while to be on wait for our celebrant.


A PA I was, and I performed duly, taking necessary pictures of her, her clothe, accessories and all. Most particular I was, was her makeup. I had to wait to watch every step of it, to learn and unlearn.
I watched her draw every line, contour and color with every sense of carefulness. Then boom; the surprise came in the middle of the makeup. She was surprised with a Lovely cake that bore her name and a beautiful bag that contained a success letter and a clutch bag. Not just that, she got a new necklace, bangles and wristwatch.

It all went so well. Sadly, she couldn't take a proper picture in ring lights but we'll make do with the ones from our devices.
Time was up, she had to run so she could catch up with her mates.

She left soonest but we continued with the cooking. Later on I dressed, wore just a little makeup and went to meet the induction ground which held at the university of Uyo permanent site campus at Nwaniba, in Uyo, Akwaibom, Nigeria.



Though I was late, I did meet up some parts which I had to screen record for my sister who is at Abuja. The event went well and twas time for part 2



Part 2

My friends were super happy to come celebrate with my sister and we did it in a grand style. The foods prepared earlier were surfaced with many drinks, the cake was cut and we danced and made mery, family and friends showed up too in great numbers for the happy occasion. Many couldn't help but take more than a plate of rice. We cooked jollof rice and Afang soup which was served with garri.
She shared her souvenir jotters to many who were present there.

Being that the reception was held at home, there was so much to wash and clean. Many others joined us and made the work easier, we finished late though but we didn't mind, we even dropped our friends who came by the roadside then returned home packing and unpacking almost every kitchen item.

The work was hectic but we were happy for the success and we did it, we did it because family is everything, we did it because she made us proud.

We all took our bathes, ate and went to bed on a happy note, it was really great, infact she recieved many gifts in return.


And oh, I didn't say, the celebrant, my sister is a steemian @skinnyblack and I had some steemians present like @eliany and family and @ubongudofot who alongside other dignitaries graced the humble occasion. We love you and appreciate you for celebrating the big day with us. But to my big sis, I'd say;

Dear big sis, you are now at a higher level, a licensed pharmacist now get your coat and let's go be the next big thing the world has never seen. 🥰😘
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 last year 

Oh yeah..., you still remember this day..!

It was a great moment to be present, I hope this day will always remain memorable for your sister.

And yeah, I enjoyed the rice too..., thank you for your and your family's kind gesture and congratulations to your sister.

 last year 

We all enjoyed it. Thanks for your generosity too. You were just wonderful 😊

 last year 

It was a nice day, you were happy I know congratulations to your beautiful sis once again 😍😍😍

 last year 

Of course I was.🤭 Thankyouuu

 last year 


It was really nice having you around all day. Thank you for playing a huge role in the success of the event. You're a good person

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