My diary game (02-05-23): Witnessing the grand commissioning of the 3.5KVA Steem solar PV in Uyo

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Isn't it a lovely morning to read about the latest news in my locality all the way from Nigeria?
It was the 2nd of May yesterday, the grand commissioning of the 3.5KVA steem solar PV in the government technical college school in ewet, Uyo, Akwaibom state. And I was a witness to this event.


The commissioning

As at 11am, I was already set for the commissioning of the steem solar system at the technical college school, ewet.
My sister and I took some pictures before leaving the house before heading to our destinations. Unfortunately, there was a traffic jam on our way due to a spoilt vehicle which made drivers cram in only one lane. The delay only made me late for the event but I didn't miss so much. The event was graced with the arrival of the Akwa Ibom State Technical College School board Chairman Mr Udom, who came with his entourage, steemians in the persons
of @skinnyblack, @manuelhooks, @goodybest, @eliany and others who came to witness the event, the teachers of the school too were also present alongside the students who assisted in the installation of the solar system.


The Akwa Ibom State Technical College School board Chairman did say graceful words acknowledging and thanking the steemit team for such act of benevolence towards the school and the students. He blessed the project and cut the ribbons around the just commissioned solar systems.


The stage was then set for interview session. The teacher in charge of the technical activity was interviewed. when asked how he felt about the project. In his words he said;

We are all happy, even the one in the womb is very happy.

The next to be interviewed was a student by name God'swill obi Ignatius. He expressed his profound gratitude for the wonderful project donated to his school, he infact prayed that the desires of the donators be granted by the almighty for their gift of kindness.

Steemians too were not left out as @eliany and @goodybest were also interviewed, they both expressed their happiness as the long awaited project has finally become a success.

The leader of the world smile project who is unavoidably the anchor and chief host of this event in the person of @ubongudofot gave a key note address thanking each and everyone of us who made the event successful, those of which included the chief donator- @pennsif, the school management, the students and of course we the able steemians who witnessed this grand event.
The host @ubongudofot after giving instructions on how to handle the solar equipments, advised the students against careless attitude around the solar equipments which was installed in their information and communication technology laboratory.
He further added -"In everything you do, anywhere you go, always remember home. Always remember your root.". Heeding to that advice he said is one of the reasons the students of the government technical college, ewet offot are benefiting from the steem solar donation.

Gift were shared to the students who assisted in the installation of the solar system. This was a way of saying thankyou for their efforts despite the many unforseen occurrence of that day.
We took many pictures with the students, teachers and steemians.

The after party

In celebration of our new completed project, the steemians went on a special outing to cool off the days heat at the ibom Tropicana market square.
Our pictures never stopped, infact we went to met content creators dancing and creating beautiful content for their reels and profiles, they were too beautiful to look away from but we had our own party so we just had to.


On arriving at a sitting lounge, there was soft music at the background, then plates of food were ordered for everyone there along with a bottle of soda. Mine also accompanied with a plate of ice cream.
We took more and more pictures before heading our separate homes.

What 3words


Ladies and gentle men, that has been the most recent happening in our local news today in Nigeria, proudly brought to you by Kay-owobia.


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I was so happy too dear! The young leaders of tomorrow are now getting 24/7 light and as they said it comes just at the right time when they truly need it. We love the sun 🌞

 last year 

Ofcourse we do. Atleast no more electricity complain

I share the same sentiment of the technical teacher, "even the child in the womb is very happy" 🥰
It was really beautiful seeing you @kay-owobia


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