Hot News#1: Latest sponsio academica and award giving ceremony in my school

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Hi guys, it's your naija girl kay-owobia, and Ofcourse I'm participating in this contest to tell you about the latest happening in my locality. This very one of which I was involved. Just before I start, I'd start by inviting @balogunayomi and @ skinnyblack to also share with us latest happenings in their surrounding. It all happened some days ago when the university of uyo held their 20th sponsio academica at the 1000 capacity hall in the university of Uyo, permanent site campus, Uyo.

You sure are wondering what that is.
Sponsio academica is just some big Gramma you know, more like a term used instead of "induction." This time, just 43 doctors were inducted out of many who were admitted ( I do not know the specific number though, since I wasn't there). But I can tell the sponsio was superb.

On going to the occasion, it started with the procession of the outgoing student doctors, then twas followed by introduction of those of the high table like the registrar, the vice chancellor of the university and many other noble men both in the medical profession and outside.

The event was officially opened with a prayer and a welcome address by the host.- Professor Enobong ikpeke- Provost- CHS, uniuyo.

Opening remarks were also taken by the chief host/chairman of the event- Prof Nyaudoh Ndaeyo- VC, University of Uyo.

So many activities had the day as the citations of the sponsio lecturer was given by Dr. Emmanuel inyang etoh, while the sponsio lecture proper entitled: The young Nigerian medical graduate was given by prof. Aniefiok imoiyoho.


After that, the new inductees took the physician's oat, took their sits and awaited the awarding of prizes.
The best graduating student of their session- Dr. Henry Eziefule graciously bagged Soo much awards followed by 4 other female doctors who bagged some awards in different departments.


As expected, each award was followed by applause from the family, colleagues friends and well-wishers present. The BGS was even given a standing ovation by more than the 3 thousand people in the hall in honor of his great feats.

Food and drinks were shared to the high tables and audiences while the event went on.
The best graduating student in the person of Dr. Henry Eziefule was given an opportunity to give his public address of which he made a smooth delivery delivery encouraging the upcoming doctors not to panic but to keep calm and focus because just like him, they too can Excell to the top.

Many new inductees who couldn't hold their tears were forced to shed them giving off a sigh of relief that yea! "Finally they got there".

The occasion was wrapped up by vote of thanks by prof. Inyang A. Atting. And a closing remark which was offered by the chief host and vice chancellor of the university, prof. Nyaudoh Ndaeyo.
The event was officially closed with a closing prayer and photographs were taken after the event.

Receptions followed immediately at the various reception venues of the inductees and some jotters of the graduants were being shared among the attendees. It was a memorable occasion which sent chills down my spine, giving me more reasons to be better and strive better in what I do.

I hope you enjoyed my entry, I enjoyed yours too by the way, here's my introduction post



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