Club5050 04|26|2022 My Visit To Devine Mercy Chapel

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It was a sunday afternoon when a friend invited me to be with her in her visit to the chapel of devine mercy. I was interested, since it was a devine mercy sunday and planned to attend a holy mass on the chapel but I did not expect that the location was so far from our place and it was located top hill, so along the way i was bothered if we could returned home before the day ended. We traveled almost 2 hours to reach Toledo where the chapel of devine mercy is located.


We arrived at the place late afternoon but the sun was still hot by that time. I felt so amazed when i saw the place it was surrounded with many different kinds of green plants and trees and has a cool fresh breeze as it is located top of the hill. The place was not finished yet they were still continue to work to make the place completely comfortable for all the pilgrims to visit.


I felt so glad and thankful for we arrived at the place so safe because the road going to this place was not easy we were crossing a narrow road of a mountain and it has a deep fall when meeting a difficulty at the middle of our trip.


There were many people who visited on the place, like me they came also from other cities who believe the works and miracles of the devine mercy. Doesn't matter to them the long drive as long as they reached the place to praise and glorify our creator by attending the holy mass.


It was already dark when the holy mass was done, and because we traveled far and not able to eat our snacks, we felt so hungry it helps a lot that they had provided a pack lunch to all the pilgrims who came. They told the visitors that they were so blessed because they had a lot of benefactors who offered foods starting from the very first mass in the morning of that day until the last mass at 7: in the evening can have food package, it was so helpful for all the pilgrims.


It was my first time visiting on this place and i felt i had a beautiful day because i was in the very beautiful chapel of the devine mercy on that feast Sunday.

10% of this post goes to @hive-111293

God bless us all


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We appreciate the valuable information you have shared in this post. Keep sharing high quality posts on Steem-travelers.

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Will do and thank you so much.

Congratulations on the beautiful post🤚🏾👏🏽

Thank you

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