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Hello all the members of the community #Steem-Travelers may you always be in good health.
I am very grateful to @willeusz ADMIN
@papi.mati ADMIN and @ponpase MOD Moderator
For having created community #Steem-Travelers
With this content we can find out the contents of other parts of the world.and I am very happy to participate in this community, I hope this kind of community will never end ideas success always you be more successful in the future.

This is my first post in this community and I also did verikasi to become a member but there is still no response from the community because maybe the mods and admins are busy making a new project in the #Steem-Travelers community, I was very excited after I approved there is this community, and I accidentally found this community when I was looking at the profile of one of the admin That is @papi.mati


Like the theme of this community on Steem-Travelers i will tell you about my trip to a tourist spot in one of the locations close to where I live,the name of the place is brayeun leupung,aceh besar.
I'll share a map to more easily see the location PicsArt_05-18-02.54.16.pngLoc

I did this trip with my friend, some of the photos above show from my trip to the place, you can see for yourself once we get to the place we are immediately amazed by the scenery of the hills and rice fields, the expanse of green nature becomes an attraction for us.
And the energy given directly we can feel, friends can see for yourself from the photo below. PicsArt_05-18-03.12.34.jpg PicsArt_05-18-03.12.09.jpg



FB_IMG_1621089495824.jpg PicsArt_05-18-02.20.46.png PicsArt_05-18-02.21.43.jpg

What is very unfortunate is that I can not play in this river, because I am not good at swimming, so I just walk beside the river while enjoying its beauty.Here are many rides to play in this river that are widely used by people who come here are rubber boats rented to explore the river with their family and friends, If you want to rent a duck boat with your partner is also available here.
It depends on all of you.
If you like fishing you can also come here, but to fish we have to explore the place so that we can find a good spot for fishing, not many people know about this.

FB_IMG_1621277867845.jpg PicsArt_05-18-01.38.06.jpg PicsArt_05-18-01.37.09.jpg PicsArt_05-18-01.36.14.jpg

In this place there is also a canteen or café that provides a variety of drinks with hot or cold choices, and also snacks such as fried noodle meatball noodles and many other food choices.
Even if you come with a kularga you don't have to worry about being hungry and thirsty, even if you don't bring provisions you can still snack in this place. PicsArt_05-18-01.35.32.jpg PicsArt_05-18-01.34.58.jpg


When we went to leupung not forgetting we stopped by ujoeng glee lhok seudue restaurant, we ordered grilled fish with sautéed kangkung and another thing that makes this restaurant interesting is the place is a bit unique because the dining table is made on the sea, you can see for yourself on the photo below.
And I'll also share the location. PicsArt_05-18-03.49.32.png PicsArt_05-18-03.49.05.png PicsArt_05-18-03.48.37.jpg PicsArt_05-18-03.58.22.png

FB_IMG_1621090038220.jpg PicsArt_05-18-03.54.36.pngLoc

After finishing the meal we all went back home, to rest because of a full day we played and walked around to fill the time off.

So long ago from me, sorry if there is something wrong in my writing, hopefully this information can be useful for all of you members of the community #steem-travelers

@willeusz ADMIN Admin | 500 SP Delegator
@papi.mati Admin Admin | Delegate 7000 SP
@ponpase MOD Moderator | 200 SP delegate

Warm regards from me @farady08

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Thank you very much for sharing your post in Steem-Travelers. We enjoyed reading it a lot :)

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Thank you, I will soon solve all the rules.
thank you very much @hive-111293

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I have read many travel stories from Indonesia. My hobby is to travel to Indonesia one day. Thank you for sharing your travels with us and best wishes.


Grilled fish is actually one of the best source of protein for me. I hope you enjoyed the one you ordered for?

Thanks for sharing

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