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non-STEEM content on trending

A lot of people think that trending is important, because it is the first what people see when they come to steemit.

But I am also a reddit user for a couple of years... and frankly I do not remember when last time I saw reddit main page. I always go directly into subreddits which I am interested in


Trending is simply a place displaying content currently receiving high ratings. My most recent post is a perfect example of why a content producer would want their work to hit center stage like that. I received votes and views from folks who didn't even know I exist. As a content producer, that's exactly what you want.

I realize some folks here post absolute shit used as filler to collect those consistent auto votes. They don't set a goal to be anything more than what they were the day before. That's their life and I'm okay with that. All it means is beating the competition is almost too easy for those who set goals to create something people might actually want to see.

Of course, as a content producer, I don't know what people want to see. I also don't want to work in some remote sub section of the internet where the chances of someone seeing me are slim to none. I want a stage and I want the goddamn spotlight pointed straight at my face. I don't know any serious content creator who wants to remain invisible. Working towards that top slot gives someone like me a goal to achieve. Give me a mountain and all I want to do is climb it.

Take that ladder away and you lose the highly driven and motivated maniacs like me.

Keep mucking up this trending page and again, you lose the good ones. There's a really good reason why thousands of top notch quality creators left when the trending page was rigged with paid votes and all we had was some dude attempting to start a cult with a guitar he never played and a bunch of spun fluff articles nobody gave a shit about.

I wrote that post long ago, when I saw a picture of corn on the cob, trending, because of those damn paid votes. Thousands of people left because they had no chance to ever succeed.

The trending page isn't some superficial nonsense fancy storefront. That's where the current best of the best is supposed to be and the opportunity to get a number one hit fuels motivated individuals to do the best they can.

Give them that ladder to climb and the quality of work gets better naturally.

It's important for curators to look for a wide variety of quality work to push to the top.

Of course, none of this really matters now. Thousands of people stopped producing content and it's certainly not because of what's reaching the trending page... and I don't feel like talking about this current disaster.

You have a point, maybe Trending is the past. There's no Trending on Steempeak that I can see.

I always use the trending page on Reddit and Steemit, but with SteemPeak, I have to manually type in the URL just to find the trending page, which is bloody annoying.

@steempeak can we please get a Trending Page button?

Click Explore >> All Topics

Thanks, I'm still trying to get the hang of SteemPeak.

Trending page for which topic or for what exactly.

Trending is more or less the name of an algorithm steemit created based on rewards but depreciates based on time.

There is essentially a trending sorting method for every topic and one that lots of people call "the trending page" which is all topics in one place

@onthewayout just explained how to get to All Topics, but thank you.

Good point.

Butvonly for old users. New users from google land on main page or directly to the content they search.