Soft fork 0.22.2

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I know. I know. It's boring. Just a few lines.

Top witnesses (actually ALL witnesses + top influencers) already discussed and agreed to run this soft fork. There were other options too but this soft fork seemed better than other options.

It's quite funny that "Some people" are talking on behalf of Steemit inc. and Justin Sun. While "these people" really don't know what is the instance of Steemit inc. on this soft fork.

Why should witnesses take an action without a plan? Why should witnesses risk their investment? These witnesses are chosen by you. Think about it.

We, the community, expect witnesses to be in contact with Steemit inc. and work together to bring value and growth to the Steem blockchain.

Do you remember the time when Ned started powerdown on steemit accounts? Most of witnesses posted statements that they will never fork out Ned's stake.

If you see all witnesses are running this soft fork, there is a good reason, good support, and good investment behind it.

First of all, trust in your witnesses, your community friends. Then wait for Steemit inc. to respond in a proper way and don't assume what they will do.

Believe in the community. Without the community, Steem is worth nothing.

Before AMA, Steemit inc. requested witnesses to send their questions so that Ned and Justin would answer them on AMA.
Some good questions sent to Steemit inc. from witnesses and they were supposed to answer the questions on AMA. None of those questions were answered (to this date).

We are more than happy to see Justin Sun communicates with the community. Witnesses already invited Sun to join certain chat groups but he never showed up.

It's good to ask your witnesses about what they did and why. But, don't be mad at your witnesses.

Happy Steeming.

You can vote for me as witness:

Beneficiaries: 10% null, 10% dao

Image source:


Excellent points here, I hope on the whole everyone calms down a little this week.

I support the soft fork 💯% nothing to worry about if it'll become permanent.

I support SF 0.22.2 I also not worrying if this become permanent.

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