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We are excited to open our biggest and most complex demo yet for steemians to play. In previous demo's we introduced the basics of the island, collecting resources and building stuff etc in an Australian Island/outback setting.. in this test we are testing resource counting interfaces and a few other important aspects, plus we have opened the world a little more and start to introduce quest introduction concepts. The game has been cut-down again so we can target specific area's for bug seeking and improvements.
Images from game but modified for displaying here

Important things we are seeking feedback include:

  • Save files work
  • Trees and bushes aren't coming back after you harvest them
  • Game stability (no crashes)
  • Spelling errors (lets face it my spelling sux and lordroach sometimes misses bits, especially where I have helped out).
  • Performance
  • Do harvested items disappear in a way that is semi-realistic (at least)
  • Do characters voices match their gender and looks.

As per previous demo's there will be more guidance in the discord channel...including the download link...and of course reserved tokens will be provided to testers for rendering to real tokens when the time comes.

As per usual our Roachey will be in discord to answer questions and I'll be dropping in to help people who have technical problems etc with the download and install

Our Discord channel invite is open to any Steemian here: https://discord.gg/Gr3kH9T
So jump in and drop us a line and help with some testing (score some tasty reserved tokens).

We love our upgoats created by our friend @ryivhnn!!!


Sick, going to play this week!

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Sweet! thanks for being a tester - fingers crossed you like the game

Nice to see another update from you guys. Hoping to find some time to play this new demo build. Have a great Sunday!

Hope you enjoy - if we can keep this pace up with be doing a full release before you know it. These demo's are working out nicely and the feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy your weekend.

Will there be a way to play straight in the browser?

A good question...No - this is a PC based game.

Having said this, nothing is impossible with the will, imagination and capabilities. It's very possible we will create companion applications (pending things like how SMT's will work), that might be web-based.

The key difference between this game and something like steemmonsters is it is not web-based, the game engine requires direct access to the graphic hardware for extreme open world performance - this just isn't possible with current browsers.

Nice. Can you provide links or explain about the game economics.

Link is to join the discord channel, I can't pop here as we need to interact with our testers - if you hop in and check under testers-comments channel after joining the community chat, you will find a download link :).

As per above: Our Discord channel invite is open to any Steemian here: https://discord.gg/Gr3kH9T

Hi guys I know stupid question but how do you join hive. It sounds great and I would love to join as most of the people I follow is going.

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