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COVID-19 is an airborne HIV bio-weapon with a pinch of SARS and MERS attached for added effect. This is not fear porn, but rather my assessment of humankind's current global crisis. Studies have shown this virus has an extremely high R naught value. The R0 is the rate at which the virus reproduces. According to the Journal of Travel Medicine, the estimated R0 of COVID-19 is at a staggering 3.8. This, in combination with the viruses' extremely long incubation period, makes it almost impossible to contain.

The COVID-19 Task Force will have you believe that the nationwide quarantine, is aimed at flattening the curve, to lower the viruses' exponential spread. To be quite frank, when all is said and done, they'll come out looking like heroes for having undergone this measure. This, even though the curve in America will be naturally more flat than in other countries based on the fact that the ethnicity of Americans as a whole are less susceptible than the country in which the outbreak originated.

What does Ethnicity have to do with it? Well, according to some very prominent individuals, the virus is a bio-weapon aimed at targeting a specific demographic of peoples whose national ethnic-identity is very concentrated. Competing theories suggest that there are multiple strains of coronaviruses aimed at targeting more than one ethnic group, and this might explain why China, Iran, and Italy are showing higher mortality rates. However, there is no doubt that the numbers everywhere are tampered with to influence the public perception that everything is under control.

I'm sure you've heard the HIV-virus doesn't kill people, but rather when these folks develop an immune deficiency because of the virus, it makes them susceptible to virtually anything the body can normally fight off, including the common cold. I am currently of the mindset that COVID-19 will affect people similarly. A (withdrawn) study from India has suggested the virus is similar to HIV in that four insertions in the gene S spike glycoprotein were found. These insertions were not found in prior versions of Coronaviruses.

As I understand it, the spike insertions are essentially the most dangerous part of HIV because it opens up cells to foreign invaders that can slip in before the immune system has time to neutralize them. Additionally, COVID-19 is carrying both SARS and MERS with it, and this makes it all the more dangerous. SARS and MERS are especially dangerous to the lungs; the viruses tend to settle into ACE2 receptor cells, of which certain ethnic groups have a higher expression in their lungs.

There is no doubt in my mind that this virus was engineered and is downright diabolical. My conclusion is based on evidence in the public sphere, which was interpreted by Professor Francis Boyle (author of the 'Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989').

What does the unstoppable spread of airborne HIV mean for the future medical health of humanity? It means a majority of the world's population will be forced to genetically alter themselves via the use of extremely dangerous and unpredictable CRISPR-like technology, either that or they'll have no choice but to take advanced antiretrovirals for the rest of their (or our) natural lives. The technology in a basic flu shot will not and cannot solve the flu, let alone HIV. If the powers that be can manage to fix HIV in a matter of months because necessity dictates it, it means they've been sitting on a cure, all along.

If Professor Francis Boyle is correct in his assertion that a Chinese BSL4 lab paid a US BSL3 lab to manufacture and send them this virus, then this means that both the US and China are jointly responsible for this crime against humanity. If you didn't want universal healthcare before, you're probably going to want it now; Welcome to a brave new world, one where you'll be lorded over by a scientific dictatorship that gets to decide who lives, and who dies. Perhaps merely authoring this post will serve as a death sentence for me. Nevertheless, may it live on eternal in this blockchain and future blockchains to come.

The image above is brought to you courtesy of Pixabay.


Speaking of where this thing came from...

Now we get into conspiracy theory

The release in Iran did not come from Chinese people who were sick going to Iran.

It looks like the initial outbreak in China was much more deadly, then it mutated (made less deadly) and spread throughout the country.

There are so many rots-children and ivy league school finger prints all over this that we can assume that it is not govern-cement, it was the people behind the govern-cement.

The Wuhan lab being named and labelled after a video game of disease outbreak is just too much coincidence.

The Chinese govern-cement did several things (before the outbreak) that says they were in the know. Or, highly manipulated.

So, can we trace all these finger prints back to the culprits?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, good question!
Even if we can't find who is responsible at the very
top. Perhaps, a start from the bottom and move up
up approach is called for, who knows, some of the
interviews suggest the guy they put out to help and
"manage the epidemic" was one of the people who
is neck deep in these programs for decades now.

Didn't Obama give COVID to China in 2014 during the time Obama was saying that Ebola was trial-run for an air-born disease that may come in the future? Why did Obama say that? Why are some people saying Obama did give China something other than like a pile of cash like Obama gave to Iran?


I want to try to find the genome map, the ingredients, the DNA, of what this COVID-19 is specifically. But yes, I know it mutates and that means the specifics is changing as there are different strands, different versions that mutate, evolve, change, adapt.


Yes, it has a HIV delivery system. I want to know how many different things it has as a chimera virus. You mentioned a few things like MERS and SARS. Some call it SARS 2 or something. Yes, the Novel Corona Virus 2019 is air-born. It may be giving some people cancer, etc.


Some people get reinfected with COVID again and again as it mutates and returns again and again. We can use natural remedies in our attempts to battle COVID or die trying at least. I encourage people to consider fighting these things without going to hospitals. The RO is 3.8 but what is RO?


We should be treating COVID as at least three different things, HIV, MERS, and SARS, and we should be looking at different natural remedies, treatments, for these three diseases or viruses or whatever that they are, at least. People do beat cancer. People do beat HIV. Not everybody can, I get that. But some can do it. Yes, extremely complex, it is. But not impossible to do in all cases.

Great article! From what I have read and seen so far, I very much agree with you. And no, this is not fear porn:)

Anyway, I just wanted to finish this comment by saying - shut up you dead, fear porn conspiracy theorist lol.

Ty palikari123, I'm ready! Soon, we will be
called conspiracy terrorists, mark my words.
They intend to change the whole paradigm of
medical freedom in the States because of this.
Whether they'll be able to get away with it or
not, is another story entirely. Annual Corona-
virus vaccines will not pass the smell test.

Lol conspiracy terrorists is already upon us. Just haven't been locked up for it yet.

Even though some people are sadly going to die from this re-engineered strain of flu, I am a lot more concerned about the side issues surrounding the whole outbreak that the rest of the population is going to have to live with. It's another step in the breakdown of societal norms, and the experiment is real. Don't let a good crisis go to waste..

They intend to change the whole paradigm of
medical freedom in the States because of this.

AGREED! Great post by the way.

Infowars at least did interview Dr. Boyle in the beginning of february for those paying attention. Truth is on Talk Radio #RepublicBroadcastingNetwork http://republicbroadcasting.org

Thx yeah, Infowars, the various hosts
got a bunch of interviews with him.
RBN is great too, I'm a big fan of Mike!

I like the hosts as Ralph Kermit Winterowd, Tom McAvera Stuart, Robert Reyolt, and Rick Adams the most. Mike is on the lower half for me but I do enjoy his program. At least he doesn't trumpet a tyrannical Trump. I like to listen on podcast so I can speed it up and skip commercials. I am up to 2.3x speed :P

Nice, yeah sometimes I like to crank up the speed on podcasts too!

Going to be some tough times in the future. Sadistic that it’s happening now, I was hoping it wouldn’t happen in my or my children’s lifetime. Or any, for that matter but sick, twisted people playing games with peoples lives to see who can do the worst. How did we go so wrong?

I feel the same, and great question!

Excellent analysis my friend, to be honest .. I run a business in the hospitality trade so I've been trying to work as much as possible before we're physically locked down and potentially financially shut down, so I haven't really had a chance to look into the virus as much as I'd like, but this certainly provides some sobering food for thought. They are crashing the old world and attempting to birth the new .. and I fear it's going to be a painful birthing process. Hold tight, we could be in for a bimpy ride!

Thank you! If you're not prepped yet,
even simple stuff like having many lbs
of rice on hand might be called for. Who
knows how long this is going to last for.

No worries, I'm ok on the prepping front .. I'm an outdoorsman, and I've been prepping for about 20 years, or so.;D The response to it has been like nothing witnessed in the history of humanity, so I think all bets are potentially off. I would also advise to stock up on some natural medicines, minerals etc etc.

I eat raw garlic.

Hey my friend .. yes I'm a big fan of garlic. If you don't already know .. here is a tip for you .. before you eat the garlic, crush it and then let it sit for ten minutes. The chemical reaction creates a compound called allicin , which is a natural antibiotic and contains anti cancer properties.

If you don't crush it, can the chemical reaction happen in your mouth or in your stomach? I sometimes crush the garlic in my mouth and let it sit in my mouth for a few minutes.

No, you have to leave it sitting for ten minutes for the chemical reaction to happen .. crush it with a fork if you don't have a crusher, it is well worth the health benefits.

How about ten minutes in your mouth? Does it require oxygen for the chemical reaction to happen?

Do you got dry rice?

Yes lots of rice, I'm pretty well stocked on the prepping front. :)


Excellent article and it is very concerning. However, I remain open minded about the origin of this virus. Other noteable experts such as Prof. Didier Raoult remain unconvinced that COVID 19 is an unusual coronavirus but I agree with you that Prof. Boyle's observations are interesting.

Thanks, @oyddodat. Hopefully, it's not as awful as it appears.

Let's hope not. I certainly don't think potential preventative treatments have been properly explored and information on these measures is bizarrely lacking.


This study was recently posted to Counter Dr. Boyle. https://www.scripps.edu/news-and-events/press-room/2020/20200317-andersen-covid-19-coronavirus.html. They use assumptions in an attempt to change the narrative. They make claims about genetics that don't prove anything to me. Perhaps someone with more knowledge in genetics and pseudo-medicine could help. Thank you in advance allopaths. Look google doesn't even recognize the world allopath in their dictionary.

Thanks for sharing the link!

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