USA Virus Update: My Small Town Store In Iowa

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Toilet Paper Meme.jpg

My brother sent this meme to me via email. It's circulating around. I should have thought of this for paper towels!!! I now live in a very small town 30 minutes away from Des Moines, Iowa. My local grocery store is having a Friday only sale and so I headed over there first thing this morning. On sale were.....da da da da...PAPER TOWELS! Well, not only were there none on the shelf, there is a sign......

Sorry but no paper towels.jpg

I asked about it to see as it is first thing in the morning is they have any out back not yet on the shelves. The answer was they can't get them. The distribution center is cleaned out. WOW!!!!

The same thing with hand sanitizer.....

Hand sanitizer 2.jpg

And Lysol wipes and spray.........

Lysol wipes and Spray.jpg

I can't imagine what Walmart in West Des Moines looks like now. I bet it's just wrecked. I am glad I moved out here. I expected this but not this early. It's good though, people are taking action. Luckily, I have everything I need. I just thought it would be nice to have more paper towels and I was going to pick up another can of Lysol spray. No worries though.

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I've actually thought about selling rolls of toilet paper on Ebay LOL. Make some money! People are already doing it HA HA.

LOL! I thought of that while I was looking at the empty shelves. LOL!

Howdy squirrelbait! I was at Walmart yesterday and it was nuts, large sections of shelving were bare and this was before the weekend so I'm sure today is even worse. We haven't been able to find any kind of headache medicine or cleaning supplies for a week now so those items started disappearing very early. Can even find a jug of plain ammonia.

The entire section with bags of rice were completely empty also.

Yup, people needed to slowly prepare over time earlier. Some people did and some clearly did not. I have the pleasure of being able to avoid Walmarts thereby not being exposed to all the people and all the chaos.

Like I say, SHTF can happen from a reaction to a problem not just the problem itself. This is why prepping to at least a small degree ( extra food) is always a good idea. People get hurt and sick and so forth and so extra supplies is always worth having. We don't have a ton or anything because if things get THAT bad, then we need to go get lost.

I hope you already have most of what you need. You might be able to improvise for what you do not given you have access to nature. You need cleaning supplies for sure. Pine sap and charcoal will not kill viruses to my knowledge but wiping down high touch areas with soap and water is better than nothing. Perhaps I will gather some ideas for folks on things they can use and do if they run out of stuff. I had a conversation with an unprepared friend in NY who was freaking out over Toilet paper. All her stores are empty as she is in a town with active cases. We had fun coming up with alternatives that she can use/do.

Hang in there my friend. You and Mrs. J just need to enjoy your solitude and each other. My email is [email protected] FYI.

Howdy today squirrelbait! Oh yeah, we are pretty well stocked up as I've always had a prepper's mindset and if we had to we could probably last a year with what we have. Well I guess we don't have a years worth of TP though. lol.

I think that's a great idea to do a post about what people can use if they run out of supplies. Did you help calm down your friend in NY?

We're getting ready for Mrs. J to be stuck in town at her job. I think the county detention center could very well go into lockdown and the people who are at work will have to stay there! Hopefully we're not talking about months!

Yup, my friend is feeling more in control. I'm glad you two are all set. I will be providing an update as to the status of central Iowa Monday. Things are changing quick over here as far as the state and local reactions.

I would not want to be separated from my spouse so I sure hope not!

Yeah it would be very strange if she was stuck at work. I guess some detention centers are going on a 24 hr shift and then a couple days off system, not sure why though, that sounds brutal.

Someone on steemit said that the virus dies if it is above 82 degrees F. Have you heard that? That would be great for Texas! In another week it would all die here!

I have not seen that but I need to check the medical journals I watch to see if there's any new info. That reminds me, I better check them now while I'm thinking of it.

I couldn't find anything about the temps except a couple of articles that said we didn't know yet.

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