Is Russia really going to invade?

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Russia are going to invade the Ukraine at 1am tomorrow! Well so says US intelligence. The Sun screams of invasion imminent today in its headline.


Let's be clear about this: Russia is NOT going to invade Ukraine. A cursory study of the history of Ukraine since 2014 reveals how restrained Russia has been in the face of repeated provocations by the Kiev Junta and its American sponsor.

Since 2014 Presidents Poroshenko and Zelenko, both of whom represent the billionaire oligarchs who control Ukraine, have steadfastly refused to implement the Minsk 1 and Minsk 2 Peace Accords. Instead both Presidents have launched "anti terrorist'' operations against the Russian speakers of the Donbass region leading to over 10,000 deaths.

The Kiev junta, of which Poroshenko and Zelenko are the spokesmen, have consistently begged, cajoled and demanded that the West get involved in their attempt to provoke a war with Russia. Their pipe dream being that if US/NATO get involved in the conflict then the Russian speaking regions of Donbass, now 2 separate republics of Donetsk and Lugansk together with the Crimea, which is now part of Russia, can somehow be brought back into the borders of Ukraine. An absolute pipe dream.


It should be added that during the battles of 2014-2015 the Ukraine armed forces were decisively beaten by the militias of Donetsk and Lugansk. These defeats culminated with the decisive and crushing defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the battle of Debaltsevo in February 2015. Since then the Kiev Junta, which has deployed neo-Nazi military units such as the Azhov battalion on the front lines along with regular Ukrainian troops, has consistently demanded that the US and NATO get involved in this conflict.

Those people going along with the sabre rattling war hysteria have got to ask themselves: is the United States really going to provoke a war with Russia, whose armed forces would convincingly win any conventional conflict with NATO?

In February 2016 the RAND corporation in collaboration with US military issued a report that concluded that: "The [war] games findings are unambiguous. As currently postured NATO cannot successfully defend the territory of its most exposed members.''

The Biden regime is ratcheting up tensions with Russia and trying to whip up war hysteria as a diversion for the public away from their dire social and economic problems.


Record high inflation is the number one concern of ordinary Americans and Biden is terrified that the Democrats will get crushed in the midterm elections this year.

This whole manufactured crisis is pure political theatre in an effort to intensify Cold War 2.0 to whip up fear and nationalist feeling amongst the population of NATO countries. Throughout history from time immemorial, the ruling classes have used war hysteria to divert the attention of populations from their pressing social and economic problems.

This time is no different.

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