Something Fishy About the Hospital at the Epicenter of NY ‘Pandemic’ & Hyped up Corona Death Count

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CoronaGate Scandal Blown Wide Open

This Psyop continues to become more entertaining as it becomes more and more exposed for exactly what it is, by those nasty independent media trolls who dare question the official narrative.

One particularly fascinating point of interest is the Elmhurst hospital at the “center of the epicenter” of New York’s coronavirus ‘pandemic’. If one relies on the mainstream coverage of the developing situation in New York, this particular hospital is overwhelmed by and overflowing with coronavirus patients, long lines of people wearing masks stretching out from the testing tents set up outside the hospital can be seen in the footage, and the many feet of the coronavirus patients being treated inside are shown, as the audience is informed that, “these feet have coronavirus.” It is an odd remark for sure, but probably not part of some crazy conspiracy or fake news story...

March 25 was an ‘apocalyptic’ day, according to the New York Times headline of their story covering this pandemonium, with 13 new deaths just on that day. Once again we see a one of those significant numbers beloved by the elite - 13 - while throughout the months of coverage of this ‘pandemic’ 33’s have been commonly used in headlines and statistics...


A New York Times interview with a ‘doctor’ inside the hospital (seen above) reveals a major shortage of ventilators and people dying faster than the hospital can process them. Despite the ‘doctor’s’ claims, New York Times informs its audience that the hospital’s director denied the claims that there was any shortage, saying Elmhurst was being adequately supplied. The ‘doctor’ complained that the five newly delivered ventilators weren’t enough for the ‘crisis’, however they can be seen sitting unused against the wall, making one wonder just why they weren’t put immediate use if they were indeed so desperately needed and the situation is as dire as described!

The New York Mayor at the same time is desperately pleading with the federal government to deliver these much needed ventilators to help slow the rapidly rising death count, as there is according to him a major shortage, so maybe he should check in with Governor Cuomo who is at the same time hoarding them for when they are anticipated to truly be needed at a later date - when the virus peaks later in April. But then again, apparently the governor himself is suffering from a case of insanity or insomnia, as he too has continued to beg for delivery of the apparently desperately needed ventilators that he himself is hoarding. I wonder if he will be charged with any crime for depriving these dying patients in his state of the ‘desperately needed’ ventilators...

At the same time, according to both Donald Trump and the mainstream footage of Elmhurst, the situation has gotten so bad that full-size refrigerator trucks are being used to haul the dead bodies away, and also according to Trump black body bags line the hospital’s hallways (filled with dead bodies, not equipment, as he describes them), waiting to be taken away by the trucks that apparently can’t keep up with the high rate of death.

The only problem with this whole story, besides the obvious issue of an extreme ventilator ‘shortage’ in a state known to be hoarding thousands of them, is that independent footage from a variety of ‘conspiracy nuts’ as the media describes them, appears to refute the official version of events. Great compilation and comparison of both MSM and independent footage of Elmhurst in the video at the top of the post put together by Jeff C YouTube channel (@fakenewsreport) - very highly recommended.

Unlike the footage released by numerous mainstream outlets, the horrific scenario described by President Trump, and the horror stories of the star doctor (crisis actor?) featured by NY Times; the footage taken by everyone else who visits Elmhurst hospital shows no lines whatsoever protruding from the testing tents outside, no overflow of patients outside, either a total lack of ambulances or lines of ambulances that are not busy at all, and the scene of the hospital that does not in any way match with the scene of the very same hospital depicted by the mainstream media.

The one fellow who did actually enter the hospital was quickly told there was no filming allowed, and was forced to leave, but the little footage he got before that revealed an empty entryway and waiting room, devoid of any traffic except a good number of police officers. One female reported sitting outside the testing tents for over an hour, with not a single person showing up for a test. An ambulance driver asked where the crazy hysteria depicted on TV was, refused to talk to anyone.

Something seems fishy in NYC, very fishy indeed.

Social media censorship is in overdrive, attempting to censor the reality being shown by hundreds of concerned citizens all around the western world, answering the call to film their hospitals to compare reality with mainstream narrative, and not a single one shows a hospital as described or depicted by mainstream media. Jeff C’s 3 hr video compilation of a ton of this footage was censored from YouTube, and Twitter has a waged a war against the #FilmYourHospital hashtag.


And unlike the mainstream depiction of this crazy ‘conspiracy hoax’ crowd, many of those filming openly state they don’t believe the entire outbreak is a hoax, only that it is being way overhyped by the media, and that we are being lied to about how bad this so-called ‘pandemic’ really is. I fully agree.

Raw Story explains how this truther madness is fooling the gullible conservatives just looking for a reason to jump onto the next crazy conspiracy, writing that: “Some are even taking photos of hospitals in areas of the country where the crisis hasn’t even surfaced yet to prove that there isn’t a problem.” However this is clearly not the case with Elmhurst, which, although I haven’t read through all the numerous hit pieces, I’m pretty sure is never mentioned - it wasn’t in this piece...

What did go viral as ‘proof’ that the ‘pandemic’ is both real and as bad as the media hype claims was the following video uploaded to Twitter, which features a man repeatedly yelling “this is for real, this is for real ya’ll” over and over and over again, with a few interjections that everybody needs to obey the government quarantine and stay home, followed by endless repeating of “this is for real, this is for real ya’ll”. The video purports to depicts bodies being loaded into the back of a refrigerator truck behind a Brooklyn hospital, but it is unclear what is happening, and the video certainly does not constitute evidence of such, as it is impossible to see what is going on at all due to the angle and distance. I did get a laugh out of the guy’s insistence that “this is for real,” although after a while, the number of times he keeps repeating it brings to mind the famous quote - “the lady doth protest too much, methinks,” except in this case it just so happens to be a man...


There are in fact a decent number of at least formerly respected experts in the field who are coming forward to expose the official coronavirus death count and panic for the fraud that it has become. James Corbett did an extremely informative report on this, focusing on Italy specifically, but also touching on the death count statistics everywhere, revealing that we are indeed being lied to in a clearly propagandize attempt to overhype this ‘pandemic’ way beyond the reality.

Apparently a credible Italian researcher discovered that only 12% of the deaths in Italy attributed to covid-19 in the ‘official count’ were actually listed as caused by covid-19 on the death certificates, with the remaining majority of those deaths being folks who had died with coronavirus, not necessarily from the virus. All of these had at least one other disease, the majority had three other illnesses on top of this coronavirus, and the average age of all Italian deaths attributed to coronavirus was 78! For comparison, the average age of death in Italy is 82... Much more interesting data ignored by the corporate fakestream media is discussed by James in the video below.

(Show notes with sources)

To read what 12 medical experts who disagree with the ‘official’ narrative of this ‘pandemic’ have to say, whose concern and criticism of the government response isn’t and won’t be covered in the mainstream news, check out this article published in the Off Guardian last week.


And here’s 10 more experts who disagree, criticizing all the panic...


I’m sure things will only continue to get more entertaining as the media continues to cling more and more desperately to their quickly unraveling insane official narrative...


It's an April fools joke! The joke is on all of us. Highway robbery!

Ya, they've sure taken us for a ride, and by now it seems this is a far larger operation than even 9/11, at least in the scope of agendas being quickly pushed through all at once...

I do still think there is something going around though, even if it's being massively over-hyped for obvious reasons. In fact there could possibly be multiple viruses going around and some more lethal than others...designed to thwart an enemy. Geo-political enemies to be more specific!

I’m in full agreement, I don’t think it’s a total hoax, just being WAY overhyped. I’m more inclined to lean towards the theory of at least one strain being a US-engineered and likely intentionally released bioweapon.

Regardless, it looks like the military industrial complex is using the opportunity to push forward its imperial agenda. As most other countries scale back war efforts during this time, Turkey is once again preparing for war on Syria, US is scaling up its anti-Iran war effort with increased sanctions and what looks like preparations for new attacks on Iran and possibly even simultaneous war on Venezuela, with Trump having just sent a fleet of war ships in that direction... Interesting times we live in, for sure.

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