Debt Is Going Away - Get out of the bond market and watch out for these evil bankster games


The national debt hangs over our heads.

The one condition of England allowing the states to leave was that they would pay the debt. (So America was born into debt)

And, with fractional reserve lending + interest means you can never pay off the debt. Perpetual indebtedness = Perpetual slavery.

Our money is debt. We are trapped. But, when more people figure this out, then we will give the debt back to the people who snookered us.

- - - - - - -

Fiat money is debt

Our current fiat money is debt.

Its a dollar bill.
A plumber gives you a bill after he fixes your leak.
Can you imagine that in this upside down world, we walk up to the checkout register, and they total up what we got, and then we give them a bill.

What kind of a person gives the cashier a bill?

Well, we do. The plumber gives us a bill, and we give them a (dollar) bill, and then we just call it even.

People haven't paid for anything in over 50 years. We have just been exchanging bills.

- - - - - - -

National debt cannot be paid off. There isn't enough money.

The national debt is larger than all the money in the world. (i could be wrong, because its hard to compute "all the money". The Fed stopped computing M3, because they said it was too hard)

So, if we took all the money in the world, and started paying off the national debt of The US, we would run out of money.

The amount owed on mortgages may be larger than all the dollars in America. Could you imagine a group getting together to help everyone pay off their mortgage? Like a huge co-op, or a lottery, where the winner got their house paid off. And, in so doing, we might run out of money.

When you pay off a mortgage, the money that was created along with the mortgage disappears. You pay off too many mortgages, there is no money left. Errr, no "fractional reserve, debt based, fiat currency left.

It would be amusing to see this happen, but i am sure it will break down long before we got to that point.

- - - - - - -

Banksters play evil games

Like, now.

There is already a liquidity crisis. Which really means there isn't enough fiat floating around in the system.

How do the banks run out of money?? Really, think about it.

It is not like the movies where they take people's savings and lend it out to people who want to buy cars/houses, no, the bank just makes that money up out of thin air. And if people fail to pay off those "loans", well the bank only lost money that was made out of thin air, so what is the big deal?

The game. Got to keep the books balanced.

The problem is, the longer the game goes on, the more "money" gets sucked to the top. Until all that is left is a few giant banks. The life literally gets sucked out of small banks.

- - - - - - -

The most nefarious plan

The plan is to, just as the old financial system is faltering, to come up with a new financial system, but keep everything thinking they still owe all the debt from the old system.

This is like playing a game of monopoly, and demanding that the loser of the last game, still owes you in this game. But, these banksters have done it many, many times.

And they will try to do it this time. Dollars out, FedNow in. And you still owe on your mortgage, but now you owe FedNow-dollars. Since they destroyed the old financial system (by design), they should not expect to receive any payments from the old game. But, they get govern-cement to put it into law.

These are really evil banksters.

However, this time i feel that most people will drop the debt. Not in as, i just won't pay more mortgage anymore. But, after we start getting a taste of real money, we will be very sure to get rid of usury. We will just stop thinking in terms of loans and debt.

We will stop holding the banks exempt from the hardships of their customers.
If a farmer has a bad year, the banksters get to have a bad year too.

And things like home loans will be handled by the community coming together and help build the house. There will be no debt on the house. But, there will be an obligation to help the community when next they need another home.

The financial system isn't just changing to sound money, it will also change what it really means to lend someone money.

The banksters are going to be told to put their monopoly pieces back in the box and go away. We have new and better games to play.

Of course, this will end with the bond market being no more.
So, i suggest you get out of bonds. Even though they finally started having some return.
If you bought a 30 year bond today, i am almost certain you will not get paid on maturity.

- - - - - - -

All images in this post are my own original creations.

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