Unraveling the 2030 Global Agenda: No Private Property.

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Unraveling the 2030 Global Agenda: No Private Property.

I begin this post with some of the thoughts of yet another man who had the futuristic vision of predicting the domination of the planet by elites,
“a perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of democracy, but it would be basically a prison without walls, in the that the prisoners would not even dream of escaping, it would essentially be a system of slavery in which through consumption and entertainment the slaves would love their servitude ”Aldous Huxley
, British writer in his a work called“ Brave New World ”in 1932 think how it is so current.

This is what is happening, it is at all levels, even in a Latin American university where I came across many subjects that the professors directly wanted to teach us, but one already knew where the subject was going, where the cause was going, so more than all because of my reactionary nature I decided to start investigating these issues and what they were teaching me there, was it the right thing, the ideal or it was true and then obviously I found that it was not so like that and from there I have scrutinized and out of curiosity I ended up writing about these topics.

And all of us here are fighting the cultural battle, day by day in these social networks, because every time we enter a tyranny that can be difficult to detect, that would have an appearance of democracy, and at the present time we are heading precisely to a stage very similar.

This video of the world economic forum is a totally real video of their official page, there is an article with this title "they will not own anything and you will be happy" in Spanish or in English, on their own page, so do not So we are talking about something that is false, not that is also seen as a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, because they say that is how the future will be in 2030 but at the same time they are performing all the acts, to take them there, in fact This, because the pandemic has been deepened, because the pandemic gives them the opportunity to accelerate all these processes, says the same director of the world economic forum, Klaus Schwaben, in his book Covid 19, “the great restart”, in this book himself he says "the pandemic gives us an opportunity that we cannot waste to take all of that forward."

But what is the World Economic Forum (WEF)? It is an organization for public-private cooperation that annually brings together the political, economic and cultural elite of the planet, to shape their global agendas, they meet more or less at each annual meeting. to 3,000 people, normally 1,500 from the private sphere and 1,500 from the public sphere, and that center that organization functions as an institution to carry out a "futuristic" order, let's say, because they all direct it towards that framework, a "futuristic" global order. of central planning or total control and to justify the intervention of free markets, currently they introduce a new concept that is becoming more and more popular, which is "stakeholder capitalism", stakeholder capitalism is a euphemism to justify the intervention the control and regulation of the markets, so when one sees the 2030 agenda obviously, several people are involved, for example, Soros, he has a chair, he is pa trocinator of the world economic forum but you also have Bill Gates who also finances the world economic forum, if you go to the official website of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and there is one you will find that they also make donations to this organization, that is to speak of simply the most visible faces, because we are talking about the political, economic and cultural elite of the world, that is, an immense number of people and this agenda, the 2030 agenda for Sustainable development, speaks of “you will have nothing and you will be happy ”, that is, it is already announcing that by 2030 there will be no private property.

That is, those of the FEM want, organize, promote a service economy without private property, in which let's say if you need a blender, the blender reaches your house, uses the blender and then the drones arrive, it is taken to the blender and he passes it on to the next person, it is how some vehicle applications already work, you need a vehicle the application tells you where there is an unoccupied vehicle, half a block away, you use it, you leave it where you are going to stay and another person who needs a vehicle will you use it is something like that will happen with everything including the property of the house, that is, your house is no longer your house because when you leave your house, then how that space is not going to be wasted automatically an artificial intelligence, because we are already talking about 5G technology that will allow the internet of all things, that will allow “smart cities”, smart cities because obviously all this will be able to be done in real time, Regardless of what someone may say about 5G, this or that, there is a fact that is objective and real and that is that it allows a speed that man has never been able to give before, and that speed becomes an important part of Smart cities, smart cities obviously mean artificial intelligence, algorithms and total control, because it also tells us that the 2030 agenda will not have privacy either, because we are heading towards a society of transparency, because it is that the agenda that they want to impose it cannot happen otherwise, that is, there is a necessary conflict between the right to privacy and the agenda that they want to impose, therefore in that agenda then what they need is a society of transparency, in which all people are naked and converted into data, creating 360-degree profiles of people to guide the direction with this that is also called a digital bio-policy In other words, a control of the body of the human being but through all these new tools of the architecture of oppression that is going to begin to be installed in the rest of the world.

Among other things, for example, when one talks about 5G technology, one must also necessarily talk about China, because 70% of the 5G infrastructure belongs to China, so this process of creating that architecture of oppression cannot occur only China, that is why is that the pandemic can also be understood as the opportunity in which China exports its model of digital oppression to the rest of the world and the rest of the world embraces it because China sells its oppressive model as success, according to them they were the best to handle the pandemic and What the West does is imitate all these new tools, then to that 2030 agenda is to create a man who will be easily controlled, by these organizations, organizations that do not socialize the agenda, organizations that want to overcome the demos, democracy They are not interested and that in the end this reaches a technocracy, a technocratic government of a feudal type, also look at the paradox we return to feudalism, because Nobody has property, it is the big companies, the political and economic elite that lend you the properties.