Announcing the Delegation Reward System 🚀

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We continue to lay the groundwork for our community. In this post we will announce the rewards that users will get for delegation to the main account.

We believe that this community will have a great impact on steemians and will bring new users to the platform.

Why delegate to our community?

We are working very hard from the first days to have an organized community with real steemians. Our members will have the opportunity to receive support from the curation team based on their content, and if you do a flawless job you can get an upvote from SC01. As you know this month we will not have support from Booming since our community is new, we will wait for our community to develop more for the following applications. Meanwhile it is important to grow our community account to have a vote from the curator account, also if you delegate to our account you can obtain benefits in Steem.

Introducing the Delegation Rewards System!

SP DelegateReward per monthBadge
50 SP0.35 SteemJunior
200 SP1.40 SteemBeginner
500 SP3.50 SteemProfessional
800 SP5.60 SteemEpic
1300 SP9.10 SteemLegendary
2000 SP14.00 SteemUltimate

You can calculate your total reward this way:

2000 SP X 0.007 = 14.00 STEEM per month (30 days)

That corresponds to 0.7% of the Steem delegated to the @steem.studios community account. Later we could raise the reward percentage and bring you an even higher reward.

If you have any questions you can consult with the moderators in our discord.

Steem on!

Support the community through delegations.

50 SP 100 SP 250 SP 500 SP
800 SP 1000 SP 1250 SP 1500 SP


 2 years ago 

Support is part of growth, to consolidate everyone must be part of that work together. To delegate to the community is to encourage great community work for all who join as members. We look forward to the growth of the community as a whole of its members.

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