Welcome to Startup Growth steemit community!

in Startups11 months ago (edited)

Dear fellows, I'm happy to welcome you to the new Startup Growth community on Steemit.

I hope we have chosen the right title to express what is it all about. Initiated by startup founders for startup founders, we aim to build a collaborative space where entrepreneurs can share experience about the development and growth of tech startups, from early-stage to scale-up.

We're launching this community during the global lockdown, covid19 pandemic and financial crisis: a turbulent time when lot's of entrepreneurs worldwide suffer from uncertainty, face challenges they've never expected before and don't know how to react and what to expect in the nearest future. We aim to build a supportive community of like-minded startupreneurs, who will share useful and relevant information with peers.

Let's create a comprehensive knowledge base about tech startups development and growth, inspired by crowd knowledge sharing, joint brainstorming and ideas exchange.

Good luck to all of us and welcome to the first Startup Growth Community on Steemit!