How to pitch your startup to bitcoin billionaire Tim Draper

in Startups10 months ago

Tim Draper, Silicon Valley billionaire, investor, founder of Draper VC & Draper University, co-founder at Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) and a bunch of other VC related organisations, crypto believer and blockchain adopter gave an honest and insightful interview to InnMind, answering the questions from startup founders.

He spoke about fundraising in seed and early-stage startups, and actually described the particular things that trigger his personal investment interest. As you know, Tim is very passionate about blockchain startups (previously he invested in Thezos, Aragon and a few others) but in this interview, he speaks not only about blockchain, but also gives practical advice for startup founders in a variety of technological fields where he is interested in investing.

Watch the video and learn how to pitch to Tim Draper and increase chances of fundraising for your startup.

The full-text transcription of the video interview is available on InnMind