The Ocean In You

in Palnetlast year

Drawn out to the middle of the sea,
As the cold air plays on your bones.
The salty sea air caresses your cheek,
Just as she used to do.

Under the water where fishes swim,
The mind lies in peaceful serenity.
Starting the day with everlasting possibility,
Swimming with the current you float on.

Overlapping waves kiss your skin,
Like hands massaging your soul.
Closing your eyes and giving into sin,
Suddenly you see a different light.

Walking away from this watery demise,
Ideas emerging in haste.
Today is the day you will meet the one,
Smiling to yourself you laugh until you cry.

Unsure if it's the cold or just the adrenaline,
A shaky hand is brought to your neck.
Imagination flowing like that deep blue peace,
And today you'll walk alone.

deep blue sea.jfif


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oh it still works ... you're quite the elusive particle popping in and out like that :)

its got a certain watery nick cave to it

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