Ulog # 94 | Wine is good for soul, at least for now

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It is not in my nature to buy a bottle of wine and indulge it by myself. I mean I hardly drink when I'm at home, what more when I'm alone. Yet, sometimes we do need some indulgence and appreciate ourselves in ways we know best. So, since I was attending a pot-luck dinner last weekend and the condition is to bring a dish & a bottle of wine; it seemed like a good reason to buy a bottle for myself. Not like I would dink it all in one night, but a small glass every other day would be nice - good for the soul.


The red was for dinner and I kept the white for myself. Though I've never really had any specific preference but I do enjoy a fruity wine instead of the full bodied ones. Looking back, all this reminds me about my college days where we learned about wines and its different textures and flavours. Most of it I've returned back to the lecturer except for a few chapters.


Winemart is the shop where I bought these two bottles from; which is just about 5 mins walk away. Not sure if it's a good sign to have a wine shop so near to my home 😆 Then again, I'm no alcoholic so it doesn't even matter how near or available these wine bottles are to me.
The Carlo Rossi white is more of a table wine; easy on the stomach while Jacob's Creek is much stronger; best with red meat as it's main course. On the price, both are fairly affordable and seemed to be similar to what I would pay back home.


This is me enjoying a glass of Carlo Rossi white. Definitely a nice way to chill out in my apartment and enjoy the cool air-conditioning since outside is like over 35 degrees. And yes, cut mangoes goes pretty well with my drink too 😉


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