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Greetings dear members of this prestigious platform and especially to all those who make life in the @Cryptodog community, where we can observe diverse content that keep us informed of the economic aspects associated with the blockchain world.

In previous installments we have been analyzing the behavior of recently launched Robinia Swap projects, where we have made various investments in function of growing our capital, in such a way that we have been able to add liquidity and farm a certain amount of RSB with profitable APR levels.

In such a way, continuing with the progress of this promising project, we can observe that in the Farm section of this exchange we can find different pairs of tokens, where we can generate an annual APR above 400% from my way of seeing things are healthy returns.

Now, in this particular we will focus on how to add liquidity to the RBS-BUSD LP pair, since at the time of writing this article was giving APR levels of more than 751%, so we have decided to invest another part of our capital in order to grow and support the effort that the Robinia Swap team has been doing.

Screenshot of the Robinia platform. Author @madridbg


At this point it is necessary to remember that we must have availability of both the RBS token and the BUSD token, so I have added the BUSD token to my metamask manually, locating the contract on the BScscan website, I will not focus on explaining it because we did it in the previous publication, when we added the RBS token. At this point we just need to look for the contract in the add token section and that's it, the BUSD token has been added to our Metamask.

Screenshot of the Robinia platform. Author @madridbg

Screenshot of the Robinia platform. Author @madridbg

Next, I have decided to exchange parts of my RSBs purchased in BUSD, by exchanging Pancakeswap taking into account that the ideal ratio is a 50-50 balance for each token.

Screenshot of the Robinia platform. Author @madridbg

Once the amounts have been set, we must select the option confirm Swap, at this point our metamask will open, where we must confirm the transaction request we want to make.

Screenshot of the Robinia platform. Author @madridbg

Once our capital is available in both tokens we must return to the Robinia Swap portal and select the Stake option, at this point, it will open again the pancakeswap exchange, where we must enable both tokens.

Screenshot of the Robinia platform. Author @madridbg

Screenshot of the Robinia platform. Author @madridbg

When enabling the tokens we must confirm in our metamask wallet where we are approving the use of the tokens.

Screenshot of the Robinia platform. Author @madridbg

Subsequently we must go to the supply section, select and it will ask us to confirm the supply as shown in the following images.

Screenshot of the Robinia platform. Author @madridbg

Screenshot of the Robinia platform. Author @madridbg

Finally, we must approve the application again and our tokens will be working for us generating an APR of 750% per annum.

Screenshot of the Robinia platform. Author @madridbg

Screenshot of the Robinia platform. Author @madridbg

As you will see it is an intuitive process that we can follow step by step, see you in the next installment.


The design of the portal was made by @madridbg, using public domain images

Grateful with the community @project.hope and with all the management team of the same one that they motivate us to continue working in a mutual and balanced growth.

Uploaded image of the Proyecto.hope community


hi @madridbg

I've small question related to liquidity pools and impermanent loss.

I'm trying to wrap my head around it and based on my understanding:

  • currently price of RBS is 0.2$
  • I would add my funds to liquidity pool (pair RBS-BUSD) in relation: 1000 usd / 1000 usd

in that case I would need 5000 RBS tokens and 1000 usd worth od BUSD. Is that correct?

Now, what would happen if price of RBS would:
a) scenario one: RBS would drop down to 0.1$ (50% drop)
b) scenario two: RBS would go up to 0.4% (100% increase)

I presume that the moment I exit liquidity pool, then I would end up still with 1000usd worth of BUSD, but amount of RBS tokens would be different.
Now, my question is: how many RBS tokens would I have at the end of the day (depending on the scenario).

Enjoy your weekend buddy,
Yours, Piotr

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