You're too late! Don't buy assets to save money

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The new decade's economy has mostly settled in. Everything is a lot more expensive than it was two years ago. Prices are very unlikely to go down, as crypto, fiat and other assets have shown. NFTs have blown up, but specially in price. If you have been stalking an asset, but you didn't get it in time, then you shouldn't bother doing so anymore.

In case you do buy something now, it will simply remain just as valuable in a few years as it will be at the time of your purchase, or at least it will have very little variation. Yes, it can go up in the future, but in no way as much as it already has. So buying something right now to secure value is somewhat useless. Of course, I am talking about speculation, not active investments or commercial businesses.

Let this settle in your head: forget prices from the past, the current economy will remain this way. This is the new floor. If you do buy something which you'd consider overpriced two years ago, what you are actually doing is making sure somebody else's investment has paid off. They are passing it off as an opportunity, because they are selling in the nick of time, while you are buying at their highest. Don't fall for it.

So, in my humble opinion, what should you be looking to do with your money? Simply toss aside speculation for already well-established, stable assets that won't see much change in the near future. Being on the lookout for product and service innovation suited for new trends in our covid-filled world, which doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. Even if it does, everybody will already have gotten used to how things work, so whatever prevails during these times will have a very lasting future.

tl;dr if you are selling assets from before 2020, you are just as rich as you were, but if you aren't, then you are a lot poorer today.

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