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Hello steemians back again with me with @yusriz4l with posts about interesting and beautiful little insects for sure. for today's photo I will share some photos of the types of insects that often disturb farmer's crops.

When you call it the word walang sangit, surely those who know this insect say (smell) and it is true that this insect emits a distinctive odor, that distinctive odor is released as a form of self-defense, if it feels threatened. from predatory attacks. Walang sangit itself is a pest in rice cultivation and is found in almost all rice growing areas in Indonesia. Insects belonging to the hemiptera group also attack every season, both rainy and dry seasons. However, some farmers are not too concerned about the existence of this pest because the impact of this damage is that small farmers will be more afraid if they find stem borer pests, especially rats, on their agricultural land.

Here's the photo below :




That's my photo review on this occasion I hope you like it. for more interesting photos I will post the next day at the same time hopefully there will be more interesting ones, thank you.


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