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Hello everyone, I'm theentertainer (Executive Admin) of CCS and @visionaer3003 the Founder of CCS who is also a Steem Witness and Curator. And today after a lots of discussion we are going to announce our newest initiative called Project Vision. And by this we are going to bring some massive changes to our community, curation system, and governance.

What is Project Vision?

Project Vision is our new initiative , by which we will try to make our community independent and will give support to the most creative and unique content creators who will post in our community. Except this we will add and bring back some events to our community which will support the steemit community as well. some of our events will be:-

SPUD:- Steem Power Up Day, on every 1st of each month we will encourage our users to power up their steem.

The Power League:- This event also will be dedicated to promote power up among users, but this event will last for a week.

Steem Burn Week:- This will be a unique event and last for a week, here we will promote the burning of the steem as part of #burnsteem25 but we also appreciate if you burn more percentage of your steem reward.

The Visionaer Fund:- This will be a charity event and all funds collected under this event go for humans or animals in need.

How our economy will work?

well, currently we have four accounts for curation with 4,49,165 effective steem power combined, and we will use it to support original and creative writers in our community. But to became independent and to support our users more effectively, we are now open to recieve delegation from every users and in return we will distribute all the earnings we earn from our curation every week according to their delegation percentage.

Final Words

We have all these ideas now and we will work for the current events regularly to support steemit as well, except this we will create regular contest as well. And for each event we will use appropriate reward from our own fund. But we also request @steemcurator01, @hungry-griffin, @xpilar to support our events which were meant to support steem to encourage participation and boost reward. And we request sc team to support eligible users in our community although we don't want any support for our personal post or general contest posts, your support in it will be appreciated but that is not our main goal. We just want support for eligible users in our community. And soon we will publish a set of rules to ensure that we will only receive original and quality posts in our community.

If you have any questions about this, contact us on Discord.


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SPUD sounds really great. Will encourage many people to power up steems as much as they can. The other points are humongous too. Camping club is now having a renewed vision. 🚀🚀🚀

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Thank you dear.

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All the best with your new project

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Thank you so much🙂.

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