Guide To The Membership Verification Process In The CCS Community

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Hello CCS, I hope you are always in good health and blessed. Glad to be back sharing posts with you.

Previously, allow me to introduce myself, I am @ponpase, the new MOD for the Camping Club Steemit (CCS) community. I and the founder of the CCS community plan to grow this community to be stronger and bigger.

This post is about a guide to the membership verification process in the CCS community. We follow Steemit standard community guidelines for the membership verification process.Our community complies and fully submits to the Steemit community guidelines to avoid abuse on the CCS community page, this home we love.

Abuse prevention will be our initial focus in developing this community. We realize, that there is zero tolerance for abuse. Identify abuse that we must prevent on CCS community pages such as farming activity, plagiarism, copyright infringement and other categories of abuse.

To make this community stronger and bigger, we invite all members to participate in the verification process. We will work together to prevent abuse and need your cooperation and support.

Your activity and contribution on the CCS community page will be a benchmark in achieving the success of developing this community. We hope that each member of our community can work together in increasing engagement and working cooperatively in bringing progress.

We are working on building a mission so that our beloved community gets the attention of the Steemit curatorial team, so that it will bring more value to the content that is shared on the community page.

Our team is committed to advancing the community and supporting contributors in the community. Including providing guidelines for improving the quality of content shared, so that the value you receive will be proportional to your work on the platform.

As a community that has more than +399 K SP resources, we strive to be a community that is fair, safe, honest and transparent. Therefore, we invite all our members to carry out the membership verification process!


How to do verification?


  • Upload your selfie photo holding a piece of paper with the name of your steemit ID, the inscription CCS, the date of the verification process and the inscription #Steemit, see the sample photo above!
  • Photo verification can be uploaded in the comments of this post.


What are the benefits of doing verification?

  • Get verified membership status on the CCS community page.
  • Getting tagged label "Member".
  • Become a priority access member for curation support.


How to get curation support from the Steemit curator team?

  • To get support from curator team, share quality posts.
  • Share #steemexclusive posts, namely posts that are posted exclusively on Steemit and have never been published on other platforms.
  • Join as a club status with a minimum of being in #club5050, by allocating 50% of the STEEM/SBD rewards received every month for power up.

Thus this guide post, I hope this post can provide information and education for all of you. Thank you for being a loyal contributor to this community page we love.

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If you have any questions about this, contact us on Discord

Community leaders
@hive-109690 CCS Owner
@visionaer3003 CCS Admin
@ponpase CCS MOD
@campingclub CCS MOD

I also invite you to support the witnesses who focus on community development, they are @bangla.witness @visionaer3003 @pennsif.witness. Please review and vote for them as witness !

Via steemit wallet

Via steemworld

Vote for @bangla.witness via steem connect

Vote for @visionaer3003

Best regard,


With that in mind, happy blogging

Home is where your heart is !❤️



Hello here’s my verification @benoitblanc from Bulgaria


Thank you for taking this selfie. @ponpase, @visionaer3003 here is the user who is known to WOX, he is posting nice travel posts therefore, I asked him to do this selfie, would you please verify him. He is @benoitblanc from Bulgaria.

 3 months ago 

Done, he is verified with CCS "Member 🇧🇬". Thank you for your efforts @stef1

Member BG.png

 3 months ago 

Thank you for your verification 👍

Hi @ponpase This is my photo verification


 7 months ago 

Hello CCS friends, my verification. @joslud from Venezuela


 7 months ago 

It's a good idea to check.
The Steamie team will appreciate it for sure. Bots and other abuses really interfere with the ecology of the platform.
It is important that the members of the community understand this and treat it responsibly.

Thank you very much for support 🙏

 7 months ago 

You are welcome 🖐 😊

"Верификация" - дурацкая идея.
Ни один бот от неё ещё не пострадал, а вот раздача персональных данных в открытом доступе кому-попало даёт обильную пищу мошенникам и хохло-тролям.
Впрочем, ты, как всегда, поддерживаешь всякие дурацкие идеи, что бы выслужиться у негодяев за тридцать серебряников миску чечевичной похлёбки.

 7 months ago 

Hi @ponpase This is my photo verification

 7 months ago 

Thank you for the verification in the CCS community, your benefit is you get higher voting 👌

 7 months ago 

Hi @ponpase, My Verification Photo


 7 months ago 

Thank you for the verification in the CCS community, your benefit is you get higher voting 👌

 7 months ago 

Hi, greetings from Norway :)


 7 months ago 

Thank you for the verification in the CCS community, your benefit is you get higher voting 👌

Hello, @ponpase. This is my photo verification. Thank you.

gema steem.jpeg

 7 months ago 

Thank you for the verification in the CCS community, your benefit is you get higher voting 👌

Hello CCS Community , i want to join this community

I'am @sushanta83
From #Bangladesh🇧🇩

My achievement1 post 👇


Plz verify my account respected sir @ponpase @visionaer3003 @hive-109690 @campingclub

 3 months ago 

Thank you for the verification in the CCS community👌

Hello sir, @ponpase
This is my verification post.
I am a citizen of Bangladesh, so I would be very grateful if you give me the tag next to my name as verified member 🇧🇩.


Thank you.

 3 months ago 

Thank you for the verification in the CCS community👌

Sir please verify me. @campingclub @@@visionaer3003 @@@ponpase

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