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Hello CCS Friends, I hope you are always in good health and blessed.

In this post I want to share a guide to all members and stakeholders in the Camping Club Steemit community. We expect all community members and stakeholders to follow the CCS community guidelines. It aims to expand the support network of the Steemit project for the CCS community.

Through support from the Steemit team project, it will be able to increase the rewards you get for the content you publish in the CCS community. The Steemit team has a curation project with higher resource support. Distribution of rewards on the platform continues every time to give you value for the content you publish.

We want to build this community together with all community members and stakeholders to be able to grow. To get curation support from the Steemit team and other curation projects built by the Steemit team, you must comply with the current Steemit community guidelines and general provisions. This post will focus on explaining three points about the Steemit community guidelines.

Quality and Relevant Posts

The CCS community is a community that focuses on publications about camping, cycling, culture, travel, adventure, nature and photography. We hope that all content published in the CCS community must meet the criteria for this topic. Over time we hope you will understand and be aware of what topics are relevant to publish in the CCS community.

Quality posts for blog categories about camping, nature, travel, adventure, culture or cycling can consist of at least 250 words that can explain the purpose of the post to readers. Then for the category of photography content, in this case, is the classification of high-quality photography. Photography content consists of at least 3 photos and includes a description in the post of at least 150 words.

Steem Exclusive

Steem Exclusive ( #steemexclusive ) is an original post published exclusively on the Steem Blockchain network, Steemit. This post has never been published on the web or other external networks. This also includes that published content is not cross-posted from other social blockchain networks.

Club Status

Club status is your participation in supporting the power up program run by the Steemit team. There are 3 categories of club status, namely #club5050, #club75 and #club100. The following is an explanation of the level of club status.

  • #club5050 is allocating 50% of the rewards (STEEM/SBD) you receive over a period of one month to power up. In this case you can only cash out 50% (withdrawal) of the rewards you received during a 1 month period.

  • #club75 is allocating 75% of the rewards (STEEM/SBD) you receive over a two-month period for power ups. In this case you can only cash out 25% (withdrawal) of the rewards you received during the 2 month period.

  • #club100 is allocating 100% of the rewards (STEEM/SBD) you receive over a three-month period for power ups. In this case you have never made a cash out (withdrawal) of the rewards you received during the 3 month period.

We invite you to participate and join in club status, at least in #club5050.


The quality and relevance of content published in the CCS community will be the concern of the CCS community curation account to distribute rewards to you. Sharing #steemexclusiv posts and joining the club status will give you the potential and opportunity to get higher upvotes from CCS community curated accounts and other curated projects from the Steemit team. We also never tolerate all forms of plagiarism and abuse in the CCS community, any violations will be dealt with strictly to the mute and black list stages.

This is the guide that I can share with all of you. Hopefully this guide can provide education and increase your enthusiasm and motivation to continue working on the Steemit platform. Thank you very much for all your contributions and support for the betterment of the CCS community.

If you have any questions about this, contact us on Discord

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With that in mind, happy blogging

Home is where your heart is !❤️



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Thankyou for sharing, this is a information important for us 🍻

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Thank you very much @ponoase for sharing this important Guidlines with all of us. I'm sure it would be helpful for all. Now, it's very easy to understand this tutorial that you have shared. Thanks for sharing with us.

Steem on!

Dear friend, your rules of procedure are very good, I am willing to work according to your rules. That's why I participated here, take my best wishes.

Сongratulations! I support the cause.

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