CCS Contest Share Beautiful Experience when Visited Old Town Semarang

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In order to participate in a photo contest about cities held by #ccs, I looked for photos about cities in Indonesia that I had never published on the internet. I found some photos while in the Old Town of Semarang. I think this city with many buildings from the Dutch East Indies era is interesting to be photographed and shared with friends in the Camping Club Steemit #CCS community.

For colleagues who like historical city tours while on a culinary tour, the Old City of Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, can be a tourist destination. Airplane, train and car transportation facilities are available and can very easily reach this city in Central Java Province.

For colleagues from abroad, please visit tourist attractions in Indonesia which are very diverse, and of course their beauty and comfort.










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Thank you

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Semarang looks beautiful. Looks like the buildings has European influence.

Yes, European and Chinese building style we can find at here

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Good to know. 🙂

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