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Hello everyone
Steemit is a social media, or social network and blogging, which is based on a blockchain (block chain) digital currency (cryptocurrency). The new style social media platform is via Steemit.

Steemit was launched on July 4, 2016 with an attractive offer. "That is, virtual money prizes for site fillers with various activities in them.

Like other social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, users must be registered as members. The difference is, the Steemit system will give you a long password.

In addition, steemit also has various communities that have been formed at this time. And now steemit is very popular in many circles. Even some travelers and photographers have also joined here.

Well, on this occasion I want to introduce a community that has been formed on steemit. Even though the members of this community have not been busy. But I'm sure after this announcement many people will join this community.

Alright, maybe I just introduced this community to all of you. Below I will describe this community, its founders, and what is in this community.

This community was created by @visionaer3003 and @my451r. The community name is CCS. Well, surely you are curious about what CCS is.

CCS stands for Camping Club Steemit. This community focuses on travel content, photography, travel stories and other things related to your photos and travel experiences

What content is allowed to be published in the CCS community?

  • In this community, you can share your experiences related to travel, camping, hiking, cycling, photography.
  • Especially for photographic content, you must attach a photo of at least 3 sheets for each published post and the text is at least 150 words.

What content is banned in the CCH community?

  • Not publishing other people's photos and writings
  • Don't write about pornography
  • Not writing that offends others
  • Not publishing political, religious, and racial issues

What are the risks if you commit a violation in the CCS community?

  • We will give you a warning.
  • If you repeat it, our account will be blacklisted in the CCS community.

What's so special about the CCS community?

  • We will have a contest every week with a different theme.

Who is involved in this community?

  • @visionaer3003 (As owner along with ADMIN)
  • @my451r (As a moderator who manages a contest in the CCS community)

What contests will be held in this community?

  • challenges of macro photography, landsacape, human interest, and others.
  • Your travel experience

How much is the prize for the winner in the contest that was held?

All contest posts will be checked by @visioner3003 and @my451r. We will select 3 winners in each contest held. The prizes are 15 Steem for the first winner, 10 Steem for the second winner, and 5 Steem for the third winner. So the total prize that is up for grabs is 30 Steem.

When will the contest start?

The contest will be held on the 8th day after this announcement. Later there will be a special announcement for the contest.

Thus I convey this announcement to all members of the CCH community. Previously, I would like to thank @visioner3003 for giving me the confidence to be involved in the Camping Club Steemit (CCS) community.

Come on friends, what are you waiting for, let's join us in the Camping Club Hive (CCS) community. Click here

I also hope this community gets support from @steemcurator01 @booming @booming2

@my451r (ADMIN CCS Community


bu harika o zaman artık buradayım

Thanks so much @hive-109690 for this post. It has Increased my knowledge about steemit and widened my scope and worldview


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