Moment -of-The-Day photography Challenge-Week 36 |by dhanuvi 😊

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Hi my loving steemians,,,

First of all, I would like to thank @visionaer3003 who hosts this competition. I am very happy to join this contest.

"Nature is the fairest court in the world."



The most beautiful place in our village is the lake in the middle of the village. There is a beautiful background that calms anyone's mind when they go there. There is evidence that the love we give to nature is returned to us. People are amazed by the charm there. So beautiful. That's where I like to be the most. Anyone looking at the photo above will understand how beautiful it is. The fair and good people in our village only have to come to the lake front in the evening to calm their mind.

  • Captured by : dhanuvi
  • Model name : Galaxy A32

💛Thank you for reading my post💛


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