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I didn't know that you were here or I would have joined you sooner.

I enjoy travel and I tend to do it a lot. Recently, I acquired a 'new to me' fifth wheel that I have already dragged all over the place. When I say 'new to me', I mean used. This fifth wheel I bought was brand new and fancy in 1998. Now--I suppose--it is vintage. :-P

Anyway, here it is in all it's glory:


I mean, sure, it's not one of those fancy 200, 000 dollar campervans (which are WAY overpriced by the way), but it is payed for and gets the job done.

Incidentally, here is one of those fancy overpriced campervans. I passed a lot of them on my recent trip that circled through Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. They were EVERYWHERE.


And another one:


And yet another. This one has Elon Vision if you note the skynet dish on the roof:


I suppose the trendy camper vans have some appeal, but we had a Volkswagen camper van when I was a kid. It was super cool and trendy, but pretty cramped in there. You can't beat my little fifth wheel for space and it doesn't even have pull outs.

Ours had a pop top with a little cot and that was my bed. It was a lot like this one:


I remember it needed a muffler and when I was sitting at my desk in school, I always knew when my parents were driving down the road. It was that loud. Heh.

Anyway, it is the fun that counts, not the ride.

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 2 years ago 

Really nice! Canada is a dream country for European campers

You are welcome to come travel in Canada. We have lots of room!

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 2 years ago 

I like your vintage 5th wheel more than the modern ones. It seems to me that bam is more spacious)

 2 years ago 

Welcome to CCS Fam. Those camper vans look cool. I love seeing them on FB reels.

The best camper is the one that's paid for! They sell those down here too, big diesel monsters that ensure that all the stuff you're taking a break from; you brought along!

They really rough it, SMH....

But your fifth looks like a good mix. A unit that you can use for a month, that you can afford to let set for a while. That way, you own it, and not the other way around!

Enjoy (I know you will)!


Oh yes, exactly! Hauling a huge rig around is silly in my opinion. I feel that even if I did have a huge trailer for long term living, I would still want a small unit to run around in.

Yes, it would be better with smaller ones for sure!


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