Postage stamps - Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) - series 100th anniversary of the Moscow Zoo - USSR 1964 - Michel 2914 - my hobby

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Postage stamps - Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) - series 100th anniversary of the Moscow Zoo - USSR 1964 - Michel 2914 - my hobby


Greetings friends!

Postage stamps - Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) - series 100th anniversary of the Moscow Zoo - USSR 1964 - Michel 2914 - my hobby

Greetings friends!

Today, I want to start a story about one of my hobbies, which is already forty years old.

Since childhood I have been fond of philately.

Once, on my birthday, I was presented with a whole mountain of postage stamps.

I didn’t make a reservation, it was a real one, which was scattered in the center of the room on the carpet.

I was very cold.

I spent hours looking at my stamps and when I was presented with a stockbook for postage stamps, I felt wonderful.

Years passed. Few people use postage stamps, but their value is constantly growing.

It cannot be said that the rise in the price of brands is rapid. No, they are slowly gaining their value, but it is similar to how I started my journey in STEEM, and now, using that experience, I live in Hive.

Over time, there are no more postage stamps, on the contrary, they are getting smaller, and their value increases.

I will begin my story with one of the stamps of the USSR, it depicts an elephant, which, as it seems to me, I am laughing, received an undeserved denomination of one kopeck.

As a child, I could not understand such an injustice, a big elephant, and - the cheapest stamp in a series of seven stamps.

Yes, as I said, this stamp is part of a series of seven postage stamps that I will show you later.

This stamp has no teeth and looks like a matchbox sticker, but no, it's a postage stamp.

So, the denomination of this mark is 1 kopeck.

I don't know what one penny could buy in 1964, but in the seventies that I remember, I could buy a matchbox for that money.

Today, for one such brand, you can buy a hundred matchboxes, judging by the price of the brand at various auctions.

This is not fabulous money, but it is a significant increase in price of 100,000% over 37 years.

Also, for one penny, in those days, you could drink a glass of soda without syrup.

One kopeck is a hundredth part of a ruble, and a dollar then cost 64 kopecks, but the acquisition of dollars was illegal and was fraught with a long term in prison and execution.

You can see this brand in the Michel catalog under the number 2914 and in the USSR brand catalog under the number 3048.

This brand is in perfect condition and I'm not going to sell it.

The circulation of a series of these stamps is 5,000,000 copies, and, I think, less than half of them remain intact.

Interestingly, in this series of seven stamps, there are stamps with a circulation of 4,000,000 copies, which means that, sometimes, incomplete series went on sale.

The artist who painted this stamp is A. Laptev.

Date of issue - June 18, 1964.

This is the case when I cannot count on short-term prospects for price growth, but with patience and passing on my collection from generation to generation, you can succeed.

You can see that this postage stamp is not canceled, which significantly increases the value of the stamp compared to canceled stamps.

To be continued.


To be continued!


You can see the development of the story of my postage stamp collection on my Leofinance blog.

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