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I'm Eladio, single at the moment, advertising professional, specialized in graphic and visual art, photography, landscaping, ecology, computer security, among other areas. I currently live in Puerto La Cruz, a city located in the eastern lands of Venezuela, with high temperatures throughout the year and a cool environment with the breeze from the Caribbean Sea.

I like to be in contact with nature, my routine is interspersed between the digital world and the natural world, from a very young age I learned about hiking, I have directed camps in various places in Venezuela, I consider that far from the comfort and amenities of the city we can experience and appreciate in the best way how valuable life is.

Well-programmed camps, with good dynamics, allow us to learn to work as a team, to know our weaknesses and strengths, to feel useful by providing mutual support to achieve a common goal.

I joined this community because I asked a friend for a reference to a community dedicated to creativity, I was really looking for a community dedicated to art, but after reading the publications regarding the rules and objectives related to camping, I decided to stay and I hope share proposals for growth with everyone who lives in CCS.

The photographs were taken with my cell phone camera and the separator with Adobe Illustrator, 5% of the collection of this post goes to social and humanitarian projects (@steemsos) and 5% to CCS (@campingclub).

Esto es un 100% original content, say no to plagiarism

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5% of the collection of this post goes to social and humanitarian projects (@steemsos) and 5% to CCS (@campingclub).

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