The Tech Quiz - Season 4

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Hello everyone, welcome to my blog, I trust you're all doing splendidly. I'm absolutely delighted to join this contest and engage with such esteemed participants. I appreciate @malikusman1 for hosting this contest.

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What does the term "Wi-Fi" stand for? Share your experience of using it.

Wi-Fi, or "Wireless Fidelity," has become my go to savior in the daily tech tango. Picture this, when my mobile data waves goodbye, Wi-Fi steps up like a trusty friend, ensuring I stay connected. It's more than just a name it's the invisible thread linking my devices, eliminating the hassle of cables. Dependable and ubiquitous, Wi-Fi transforms homes, offices, and public spots into seamless connectivity hubs.

In the ebb and flow of my digital life, Wi-Fi is the constant current, offering convenience when I need it most. When the daily data quota bows out, Wi-Fi graciously steps in, providing the bridge to online realms without missing a beat. It's not just technology; it's a silent partner, making our daily grind smoother and communication effortless. Here's to Wi-Fi the unsung hero in the symphony of connected living.


What is the purpose of a computer's operating system?

Think of your computer's operating system as the silent conductor orchestrating the symphony of your digital experience. Its main gig, making sure every component, from hardware to software, harmonizes seamlessly. Ever clicked, typed, or opened an app? That's your OS creating a user friendly stage for you.

And where do your files hang out. The OS is the master organizer, ensuring your digital treasures find their cozy spots. Need to multitask without the headache. Your OS is the ultimate multitasker, preventing your computer's brain (CPU) from feeling like it's in rush hour.


Can you name three types of mobile applications you use regularly?

WhatsApp is my digital hangout, keeping me in the loop with friends nd family, ensuring no moment goes unshared. When it's time for a sonic escape, Spotify steps in as my personal DJ, tailoring playlists to match the rhythm of my day. And in the grand journey of life, Google Maps is my trusty guide, weaving me through streets nd shortcuts with real time precision.


I invite @josephdaniela , @lizaallizana & @ninapenda to participate in this contest.

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 8 months ago 

Hello friend greetings to you. Hope you are having good time there.

The best description of wifi and computer operating system. Too much knowledgeable and argumentative.

I use WhatsApp too when I have to contact people. The best chatting app ever.

It's really nice to read your post here. Best wishes for the contest.

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