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RE: Steemit Engagement Challenge | S7W1 | My Personality Growth in 2022

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Hello ma'm @patjewell,

As always, I love your writing style. It seems that several aspects have affected your personality growth in the past year. As you have said, the things we do on a daily basis affect our stability and development. And we should practice to think positively in every situation. I am happy that your mental health is good in 2022.

Some people become arrogant with their growth. And others are ignored. But you are not. You are very kind. And a modest woman. Although I am much younger than you, You will comment and vote on my articles. I am really happy about it. I believe that these good qualities you possess will grow even more this year.

And I pray that you will have a good life with mental and physical health 🙏


 9 months ago 

Thank you for the visit and the kind words. 🌼
Sometimes we just need to be still to see the growth.
Just like flowers, the grow in the quiet and then one day you notice it.

Yes ma'm, you are totally correct. Can you give me a your discord or telegram ID...?

 8 months ago 

@patjewell2 - Telegram

Thank you ma'm ❤

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