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Hello Steemians,

I am Malik Usman Mubarak, admin of the Steem4Bloggers community. Today I'm here to share my weekly report on my activities this week in the Steem4Bloggers community. So let's begin.

This week contest

This week I held a contest where I asked Steemians to power up their Steem into Steem power as much as possible. This contest is still open for 5 hours; below is the link. I will share the results soon.


Contest | My Power Up with today's News | 12 Sp + Booming reward

I also asked them to share the latest news with that power up. It was an interesting competition, and so far, around five participants have participated in it.

Checking posts

This week I noticed that many users in the Steem4Bloggers community did not set the titles of their diary games correctly. As it was not my duty day, I always try to tell users the right things, which can enhance the blogging experience of bloggers. So I guided them in setting their titles in a good way. Below are some screenshots.





There were some new users who are now active, but the problem was that they were using the wrong tags, so I guided them to put the correct tags so that they could get support from smaller curators. I also gave my contact number to new steemians so that they could get my help directly. Below are some screenshots.



Guiding users through the Discord application

This week when I was visiting SEC posts, I noticed that a user named @prabin09 from India needs guidance as his markdown style needs to be improved. I commented below his post and gave him my discrod contact, so I could help him out.



Today he contacted me on my Discord, and I told him about some good markdowns like red text and tables. He really appreciated my help. I hope I will continue to do my duty to help newcomers. In the above screenshots, you can seen.


It was my busy week, but I tried my best to help steemians from all over the world, not just in the Steem4Bloggers community. I reviewed a total of 10 to 12 posts. I am also working to make my community plagiarism- or bot-free. This week, I did not find any plagiarized content, but I will try my best to catch out bad content creators. So these are all my activities that I have done this week.

Best Regards,

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