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Another good week has come to an end and today we are at your service with a new contest. We deeply apologize for the mistakes we made last week and assure that they will not be repeated in the future. This week's topic is going to be very interesting and hope to see a lot of amazing entries this week.


Steemit platform is one of the most popular blockchain platform that is based on the cryptocurrencies ecosystem. There are many communities that are working very great. In this post we want to know about the likeness of the users about their favourite community on the platform. We think this would be a great experience to know about these things.


  • Which is your favourite community. Give a brief introduction of that community.

  • What are the reasons behind the selection of your favorite community.

  • Which type of content is accepted in the community and for how much time you are working there?

  • Which type of content do you like to share on the platform.

  • Do you think, there could be some improvement in that community? (Changes you would like if you will be the MOD of that community)

  • Which type of content you are still missing on the Steemit platform (could be health, medical, gaming, or any other).


  • Post must be unique and more than 350 words.

  • User must be bit bot free and verified.

  • Your post should be titled "Steemit Engagement Challenge | S4W3 | All About Steemit Blogging Communities".

  • Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated, and anyone caught doing so will be disqualified from the contest.
  • Subscribe steem4bloggers community and Invite 3 of your friends to participate in the contest.
  • Please resteem this post and leave your entry link in the comment section of this post.
  • Take your own photos and otherwise take from free websites if you use from internet.
  • This contest shall run till Sunday, september 18, 23:59 PM UTC.


Dear @username, thank you for sharing your Quality Blog with our community in the Season 4 Week 03. Your Post Information has been given below:

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Post Quality: /10

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Note : All rewards will be given in the form of Steem power.




Please vote for our witness @stmpak.wit


Contest Organizers @malikusman1 and @steemdoctor1.

Best Regards;
Steem4Bloggers Team


People should not include their username in the post title - that is quite unnecessary.

Even though you state this is not compulsory, this should NOT be included in your Rules section...

Please set 15 percent beneficiary to @hive-109435, for the development of this community. (Not Compulsory)

 3 months ago 

People should not include their username in the post title - that is quite unnecessary.

This is indeed a wonderful observation and correction. Thanks for this wonderful corrections sir. We have taken note of it.

 3 months ago 

Okay sir. It has been edited. Sorry for the inconveniences and thanks a lot for the correction.

 3 months ago 

This is another great contest and wish to see many interesting participations in this contest.

 3 months ago 

Me encanta, será difícil decidir pero imaginarán cual elegire jajaj éxitos a todos.

 3 months ago 

Saludos amigos de @teem4bloggers, un gran desafío, muy interesante. Espero que tengas muy buenas entradas.

 3 months ago 

Very Nice contest for "Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 4 Week 3" with Theme on "All About Steemit Blogging Community".
This is a very good theme for us to know which Communities are frequented. I wish this contest a success with many participants taking part in this contest.

 3 months ago 

Me encanta este desafío, será un poco difícil decidir, ya que hago vida en mucha comunidad, pero vamos a ver por cuál elegí. Saludos

 3 months ago 

Nice contest theme. I like this theme. I will prepare a story of my best experience for this contest. There are happy and sad stories that will be contained in this contest post.

 3 months ago 

Una decisión un poco difícil, pero esto es un reto jejejejeje...!!!

 3 months ago 

What an interesting contest topic. I'm pretty sure we will review alot of entire

Good luck and best wishes to everyone who will take part

 3 months ago 

Very interesting theme, I have a little question can I choose some of the best communities in my opinion or should only choose one community only🙏

 3 months ago 

Yes, you can choose multiple communities but you have to rate them if you do so.

 3 months ago 


 3 months ago 

Un gran saludo a todos los amigos de esta hermosa comunidad.

Paso para ejar mi participación en el desafío de esta 3era semana.

Espero sea de su agrado y me gustaría ver sus opiniones en los comentarios.

This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest List

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#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

 3 months ago 

Buenas tardes comunidad

01 Comunidad Steem4Bloggers.png

Acá mi participación en el concurso de esta semana en la comunidad y que forma parte de la semana 3 de la temporada 4 del Desafío de compromiso de #Steemit.

Espero que mi publicacion sea adecuada y que este a la altura de las circunstancias.

Suerte a todos los participantes.

Hasta la proxima...

 3 months ago 

Hello sir i want to know if i am eligible for making posts & eligible for getting a reward!!!! Please reply me
If i am not eligible how much am i supposed to power up! If not power up then what am i supposed to do

 3 months ago 
 3 months ago 

A very awesome and my favorite contest I hope people will enter it with interest and we will see a lot of good entries.

 3 months ago 

My post link please, I tried to set @steem4bloggers as beneficiary but it did not accept this user-

 3 months ago 

todo un compromiso. exitos para todos.

 3 months ago 
 3 months ago 
 3 months ago 

For me, this contest is very interesting, which discusses a community and I happen to have been in that community for a long time, so I immediately made a post this time and discussed it. I hope this post that I made can make all of my friends interesting and useful for all of them.


And this is my post link. 👇

 3 months ago 
 3 months ago 

Hablar de nuestra comunidad favorita es muy hermoso, eso sería como promover por qué es mi comunidad favorita. También es algo muy difícil, ya que cuando hacemo0s vida en varias comunidades, algunas podrían sentirse de menos al no ser nombradas como favoritas, veremos el desarrollo.
Es un gran reto.


 3 months ago 

Muchas gracias por la oportunidad de compartir sobre nuestras comunidades, esta es mi participación

Bendiciones !!!

 3 months ago 
 3 months ago 

Really nice idea to appreciate a community, i also want to be a part of this engagement challenge, please tell how can i be a verified user here, here im sharing my achievement 1 link

 3 months ago 

You are a verified user. Feel free to take part in this contest. Best wishes for you.

 3 months ago 

You are now verified.

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