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Hello! Dear Stemians, it's yet another week for a great challenge with interesting topics and indeed a challenging atmosphere.

Over the years Steemit have served as a prominent Blog platform for diverse individuals and as well a platform where many have learned and mastered the art of great writing. The Steemit platform is spread across different niches forming communities that basically specify on a particular subject or more, take for example: art, sport, storytelling, lifestyle, food and so on.

Without compromise, it is safe to say that most communities have outdone themselves coming this far in terms of content creation, publicity, followers, positive engagements, educate, positive impact, awareness creation, support, etc.
The community I consider my favourite, though I have only joined them not too long ago is: Steem Entrepreneurs


Introduction to Steem Entrepreneurs

Looking at our societies today, it is quite evident that more and more people are interested in owning a business of their own, being self made and independent while being assisted by some factors such as advances in technology and ease of access to information just to mention a few.

Who are Entrepreneurs?
The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, he is an individual who organizes and operates a business venture and assumes much of the associated risk, while the process of setting up the business is known as entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship goes beyond just making profit as it seeks to also: provide job opportunities, increase competition & boost productivity, create new business & new markets, add national income & boost economic growth, and introduce innovative technologies.

The Steem Entrepreneurs is a:

Community for entrepreneurs to be creative and share knowledge about entrepreneurship and business

This Community is basically for stemians who are entrepreneurs, who have the passion for business. The community's goal is to unite like-minded individuals who are innovative, creative, have the sense of new ideas and how to solve problems through business strategies, having them interact together in an enabling environment (Steem Entrepreneurs Community) while also inspiring other stemians.

My Reasons for Selecting Steem Entrepreneurs as My Favourite Community

Firstly, this platform has an enabling environment for creative ideas, business oriented mindsets, promotion of business products.

Secondly, this community seeks to:

Empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through business assistance and providing business equipment or supplies (steem logo product packaging) for home industry businesses.


Steem Entrepreneurs are able to play an active role among the community in effort to improve family economy and provide easy facilities for business actors for business development through the establishment of the Steem Entrepreneur Cooperative.

And lastly, it is a fun place to meet the experience, ideas, and innovation of business people so that they can inspire stemians to become entrepreneurs.

What Type of Content is Accepted on this Platform and how Long I've Been Here

Steem Entrepreneurs Community are committed to all resources to spread information about STEEM and STEEMIT through the business sector and advertising.

Business products & ideas, innovative strategies, product reviews and products promotion, economic activities or buying and selling transactions contents, and other publications related to the vision and mission of the steem entrepreneur community are mainly accepted in this community.

I've been on the Steem Entrepreneurs Community not so long but yet enjoying every moment here.

The Type of Content I Like to Shear on the Platform

I like to post business ideas and opportunities, business products and advertising contents.

Do You Think, There Could Be Some Improvement in the Community

Well in all platforms there is certainly room for improvement in one area or the other.
I just feel there needs to be more engagement on the platform, consistency on the part of entrepreneurs wanting to interact more on the platform.

Which Type of Content Are You Still Missing on the Steemit Platform

I would say there needs to be more of contents on products review and promotions, more of this needs to be incorporated on the platform.

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Am inviting @dobartim, @hvr and @liasteem to be apart of this challenge and also shear their favourite Community

Best Regards!

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The Steem Entrepreneurs community is one of my favorite communities at the moment. Where this contest aims to promote various businesses and in this community can make a diary about entrepreneurs. For admins and moderators I know, they are very good. I also share posts about favorite communities, if you have time please see them and I am very happy.

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Una comunidad ideal para compartir mi emprendimiento, es bueno saber que hay comunidades para todos aquellos que le gusta innovar, los negocios y emprendimientos.

Muy buena comunidad.

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