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Introduction to Steemit Engagement Challenge
Hello 👋 and greetings to all of you. Welcome to this post . We are into the 5h day of this Steemit Engagement Challenge S4w4. This journey is going so well and also best for the steemit to be more and more effective platform to participate as well as to gain knowledge about different part of World. Today I am going to write the post about **All about blogging devices** that I use. Here I will talk about the my mobile laptop and also about different telecommunications network that provides the internet and also about the importance of mobile phone in our daily life activities.


Share with us the company and model of your mobile phone including the price and how long you have been using this mobile phone

Mobile phones have become the integral part of our life. Different companies that are working in Pakistan the all have good phones of good specification. It depends upon the person who uses the phone that which type of specification he likes the most. So the selection of mobile phone company the properties and specification that the company owns. Some mobile phone companies are very costly sell their mobile but some have good specification with a moderate price.

There are some mobile phones are really known for their camera result some are due to their battery timing some familiar due to gaming specifications. There are different mobile phone companies that are working in Pakistan these includes.

  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • Samsung
  • Iphone
  • Techno
  • Realme
  • Xiaomi Redmi

So these are some familiar mobile phone companies that are mostly demanded in Pakistan. As far as My mobile phone company is concern I am using the mobile of oppo mobile phone company and its model is of F series known as Oppo F9.

Front view

Back view

List of SpecificationProperties
Front Camera25MP
Back camera16MP
Display6.3 inches
Resolution1080 * 2340 pixel

If I talk about the price of the this mobile this phone is almost 3 year old so now the new phone is unavailable when I bought this mobile phone its price was 45 thousand and I bought this mobile friend and its price was 25 k at that time because it was used by him for sometime. I am using this mobile phone when I was doing graduation almost 2 years ago . I bought this mobile in 2020 and now its 2022 so almost this phone is 2 years old.

Are you satisfied with the Working system of this mobile phone or you want to change it? Share your preferred Device with us

The satisfaction level of the person upon its mobile is depends upon working capacity and mostly speed of the mobile. With the passage of time the working capacity of mobile decrease and also its battery timing and health also effect due to excessive usage. When I bought this mobile it was wonderful.its camera result was very good , its battery timing was also very good. But with the passage of time now its almost w year old so its features are now a little bit less working fast as compared to the time when I bought this one.

Although still I am satisfied with its performance but as now the burden of the worl increase and this requires more RAM as well as more memory to cope with the burden of today's work. So that is why now I want to change my mobile phone and I wil buy the mobile phone of Xiaomi Redmi note 10 which I like the most. The reason is that its is RAM and ROM is also more than this phone and also its speed and battery is also good. So that is why I will buy that mobile in very near future.

Which device do you ise for blogging on Steemit? A computer or a laptop, mobile phone or both? Please share with us

When it comes to the using of device for the blogging on steemit I prefer to use both laptop and my Oppo mobile phone for making article on steemit platform. In the start I was using mobile phone for blogging because I did not have laptop at that time. But now I use mobile phone as well as laptop for blogging. I used mobile phone for typing and laptop for listening and gaining some knowledge and to see the post and to comment on others post.

Open view

Close view

Here upward you can see my laptop picture. Its made by Dell company. The reason for buying this company laptop was that it is almost faster than others laptop . Its battery timing is also good and good for using other software that re needed to make cover image for the post in steemit such as canva, PowerPoint, etc. So in short I use both mobile phone and laptop 💻 for blogging in steemit.

ModelLatitude 7480
Processorintel core i5
ScreenTouch LED
Graphics card1GB
Window10 64 bit
Battery timing3 hours
How many many telecommunication service provider are present at your country? Which of this providers is best in connecting to the internet using your device.?

There are many telecommunications service provider that provides the internet connection to our blogging devices. Some of them provide through wifi connection and some companies through sim data connection. The mobile companies that provides internet through mobile data connection includes

  • Jazz/warid
  • Telenor
  • Zong
  • Ufone

The companies that provides internet connection through wifi connection includes

  • PTCL
  • Fiberlink
  • optix
  • broadband

Then If we talk about the best internet connection forward by the same network company then it is different in different areas. For example if I talk about my hometown then the best Internet connection provided by the company is known as zong and then jazz company while the lowest services provide by the Telenor company. But if I talk about my hostel life where zong is the best Internet because there is no appreciable signal provide by their company at that place. While the best internet through Wi-Fi connection is provided by fibre link which is the fastest and best source of internet.

Importance of mobile phone in your daily life

When it comes to the importance of mobile phone in our life mobile phone has a lot of your importance in our life because it is used in almost in every activities that connected to Internet mobile phone communicate with others people everywhere where we have to search out something about the word about education or anything else related to technology we have to use the mobile phone.

As I live away from my home so we the album by phone I connect to my parents through communication and talking with them from mobile phone so mobile phone also connect your friends family with each other . Do they never I have to set something about my research work I use my mobile phone for searching. As I mentioned above that during blogging on this platform

I also use my mobile phone and for the trading on binnance platform I also use my mobile phone so in short every activity that I do in my day routine life it uses the mobile phone. If I have to watch movies drama or different players I also use my mobile phone because due to weakness of eyesight using laptops most of my time because it's UV rays are so harmful for my eyes.

I would like to invite @crytoloover @malikusman1 @rafk to take part in the contest

 2 months ago 

Saya oernah memakai tipe ponsel.oppo danjuga laptop merk dell. Keduq perangkat tersebut di kenal luas oleh masyarakat karena kualitasnya.
Terimakasih sudah berbagi informasi di sini.

Semoga berhasil di kontes ini

 2 months ago 

One of the most popular is Oppo, my husband also used it a few years ago and ended up breaking the screen and the LCD came out, if not possible until now, Oppo has a good machine at a pretty cheap price,
You have two powerful blogging tools, and these are sure to make it a lot easier for you to create content

 2 months ago 

Saludos, los teléfonos Oppo son muy buenos y tienen una excelente camara bueno al menos los últimos modelos.

 2 months ago 

In Indonesia, Oppo is included in the smartphone brand dream of young people. It is identical to the front camera which has better quality than the type of smartphones in its class. Good luck for the contest. 🥰🥰🥰

 2 months ago 

you are using both mobile and laptop for blogging .You are very good content creator .Best of luck for your entry .

Your article has been supported with a 40% upvote by @ripon0630 from Team 2 of the community curator program. We encourage you to keep producing quality content on Steem to enjoy more support from us and a likely spot in our weekly top 5.


 2 months ago 

Su teléfono opo tiene muy buenas características, debe ser muy rápido ayudarlo mucho en sus actividades.
Renovar la tecnología es muy conveniente para ir probando nuevos modelos, usted quiere probar el Xiaomi note 10, a mi me han dado buenas referencias de esta marca de teléfono, espero que pueda adquirirlo para mejorar su rendimiento.
La laptop que posee es muy rápida también y la marca es muy buena, a mi me gustan mucho los productos Dell.

Saludos y suerte.

 2 months ago 

I had not heard of the Oppo brand, good that it worked well for you during its lifetime, of course with the passage of time these teams are deteriorating, it is natural.

I think the Xiaomi Note 10 is a very good choice for a new phone, I would also buy it, because I have done very well with that brand.

Excellent that they also have a laptop, I find it more comfortable to make Steemit publications.


Excelente tu post amigo, tus equipos se ven buenos y que bueno que te han servido de mucha ayuda, espero puedas comprar pronto el Remid es una maquina, suerte en el desafío
 2 months ago 

Your writing is good, and you also use the same cellphone brand as me. With the simplicity of this mobile phone, we can work like other people work. And hopefully what you do on this occasion is really useful for others. Cheers always friend.

 2 months ago 

When I hear someone talking about the F9 Oppo phone, I realized my past that I have also used this phone for a very long time. This phone is really fantastic and I also like the working system of this phone.

The laptop that you use for blogging on the platform is also looking super cool. Please, can you tell me the price of this laptop?

Best wishes!! @alihussain07

 2 months ago 

Best of luck to you for writing and presenting your device so beautifully.

 2 months ago 

Hello @alihussain07, I hope you get to buy the Xiaomi Redmi note 10 mobile according to the preference shown, the acquisition of the portable computer recently was very good.

 2 months ago (edited)

Dell is a good tech brand. Also the phone you are willing to buy in the future is very popular in my country.
I really don't like watching movies on the phone or even the computer, not only for the eyes health, but I think it will always be more comfortable the traditional tv for that use.
Wish you success

 2 months ago 

You have explained every question in detail .

If I talk about the price of the this mobile this phone is almost 3 year old

Do you mean that you are using this phone since three years ? That's very economical .

mobile phone of Xiaomi Redmi note 10 which I like the most. The reason i

I use xiomi phones and they perform very well.

Good luck

 2 months ago (edited)

Do you mean that you are using this phone since three years ? That's very economical

I bought this mobile almost 2 years ago when prices was too low as compared to today's mobile phone prices.

 2 months ago 

I am so glad to see that you are equally using the Oppo Mobile phone. Honestly, I must say, my friend Oppo is a nice product, and since I started using it, I have never encountered any issues.

Indeed, you are using one of the best phones and you have so far written so well about your favorite phone. Thank you for sharing your post with us.

 2 months ago 

Excellent equipment available to be used to create content. I congratulate you.

 2 months ago 

You have shown to us the phone you are using in blogging
You have shown to me your blogging device oppo and the difference. Phone company found in India which is a very beautiful phone.
It is very important to see that your phone is have a lot of thing that it can carry out
I can also see that your phone capacity is really good and can facilitate browsing so easily
Talking about the difference network present in your country, I can say that youthere are really pretty good and can facilitate browsing so easy
You also shown the use of you blogging device which also help you to carry out pictures snapping and also communicating with. Your family and friends
You have don a great job to present this wonderful post about your blogging devices

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