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RE: 📢 First Promotional Contest of the year: Develop an idea to promote DraftCrearte 50 Steem awards- #club50/50

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Good afternoon.
#DraftCrearte is a community that has not provided tools to learn. I feel very identified because I have dared to do things that I would never imagine, that is why it attracts me a lot. There are many ways to promote the community to attract more users, for me it would be great, to make videos where each of us makes a small exhibition of all the work done, the rewards obtained and of course the necessary information of the platform so that they can join .

I invite my friends @nurkia @lenabotini and @andrea89.
#promo-steem #promo-Crearte

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Hola amiga, gracias amiga por la invitación.

 last year 

Hola querida amiga !
Muchas gracias por la invitación.

 last year 

Excelente muy buena tu idea 👍

Saludos @roseri.

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