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Photographs are a fundamental part of the structure of our publications, in addition to the writing. It is not necessary to be a professional photographer to take good shots with our cameras. I have prepared good tips and considerations that we should have when taking photos for our publications.

1. Create an area for photo sessions in the comfort of your home:

Select an area of ​​your house, with good lighting, try to locate white walls or solid colors, you can decorate the wall with lights, place photographs, some plants or decorations.


2. Clean your camera lens:

This greatly influences the resolution of the photograph, cleaning it a little will really leave the image with much better quality and focus.


3. Take care of the lighting:

Whether natural or artificial, you must take care of this element in the photographs so that they are sharp and clear, use daylight or, failing that, avoid yellow lights. If it is necessary to use the flash, position yourself a short distance from the subject to obtain good results.

4. Keep an eye on the background:

Many times we focus only on the main objective of the photograph and forget to visualize the background to prevent unwanted elements from appearing, which are not interesting and at the same time become a distraction, ruining the work we want to show.


5. Focus on the center of interest:

Many times we use several elements in the photograph that later what we really want to show is not seen. When you hesitate to include something within the photo frame, you better not include it.


6. Take care of your image- You are the protagonist of your art:


Perhaps you think that the main objective is to show your work, but remember that you are the protagonist behind everything, therefore consider the following:
  • Fix your hair, your manicure.
  • Look for an appropriate outfit, remember you are an artist.
  • Choose suitable poses.
  • Take care of the background of your photographs.

7. Avoid collage:

Avoid as much as possible the use of collages, because the frames and stickers take away the visualization of the photographs.


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Ohhh.. son muy buenos tips, saber como presentar un trabajo limpio ordenado y de buena calidad es bueno, al igual que tomar en cuenta los escenarios donde promocionas tu arte es genial, los tomare en cuenta para mejorar mis publicaciones. :3

 11 months ago 

Consejos útiles y necesarios para poder presentar una obra de calidad, seamos creativos, busquemos un lugar donde nuestras fotografías sean agradables a la vista, la iluminación es muy importante para que así nuestra obra pueda ser bien vista.

Tomemos en cuenta todos estos consejos útiles que nos ayudaran a presentar un post de calidad.

 11 months ago 

Excelentes consejos, se que sera de mucha ayuda en el momento de hacer nuestras publicaciones. Gracias por compartir @litzney.

 11 months ago 

An extraordinary job my friend. These tactics are really useful when taking our photos.

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Gracias por tus consejos.

Muchas gracias por esos tips.

que buenos consejos y herramientas útiles para que nuestros contenido sea de alta calidad. muchas gracias. los implementar el

Hola amiga, que buenos tips, yo siempre los empleo pero cuando mando a que tomen las fotografias me da de todo jejejeje, les tengo que explicar muchas veces y por supuesto borrar un monton de fotos.

Valiosa informacion, es de mucha ayuda ya que esos detalles tras camaras son los que marcan la diferencia.

Es de mucha utilidad tu post amiga gracias!

Hola @litzney. Gracias por los consejos dados, estoy segura de que ayudaran a mejorar nuestros post.

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