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Hello friends of the DraftCrearte Community and welcome to Crearte-Kids. Today our Project begins with a modality of weekly workshops, where you can participate by making your publications from the explanation of each technique given in the workshops.

Our first workshop is the Stencil

Stenciling is a very primitive technique more recently identified with the stencil (stencil), it is a type of decoration based on a template with a cut-out drawing or pattern, a method that allows the represented image to be reproduced in series.



Did you know?

The oldest known stencil is approximately 66,000 years old. It is in the Cueva de las Manos, located in the Pinturas River Canyon in the northwest of the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina. The name of this cave is due to the 829 handprints stamped on its walls.



  • Yellow, blue and white paint.
  • Black cardboard
  • White sheet the size of cardboard
  • Picture
  • Toothbrush or sponge.
  • A disposable plate to dilute the paints.
  • Scotch tape
  • Material to protect the work table (recycled paper or plastic tablecloth)

Step 1.


  • Protect the work area with recycled paper or tablecloth. Then we will put all the materials in order on the table.

Step 2.


  • Mark the patterns on the sheet and cut out each one.

Step 3.


  • We place the template where we cut out the circle on the black cardboard, fixing the corners with adhesive tape so that it does not move when making the template.

Step 4.


  • Mix the yellow color with the help of a brush with a little water. The paint must be well diluted for a better finish, but not very runny.

Step 5.


  • Dip the toothbrush or sponge in the paint and spread it inside the circle, remove the pattern and let it dry.

Step 6.


  • Glue the other pictures as shown, the paper circle where it was painted, the rabbit and the grass at the bottom.

Step 7.


  • Mix with the brush the blue and white colors separately with a little water. Remember the paint must be well diluted, but not very liquid.

Step 8.


  • Dip the brush in the white paint and spread over all the cardboard, then the blue color but less amount than the white color and let it dry.

Step 9.


  • Carefully remove the pieces one by one.

This is my cute template.




  1. Create an art with the template, which you like the most. You can use any color.
  2. Explain in your own words what you learned from this art.
  3. Research: Who were the first creators of "The Stencil".?


The representative's participation in the children's activities is merely a guide, he should not carry out the activities because more than receiving a reward, the most important thing is to learn.

Post structure

The main image of your publication should be the photo of the final result of your work.At least 5 photos of the process with its explanation.Take a selfie with your work and the poster "Create-Kids", place at the end of your publication.Do the activity


Ask your representative to help you comply with all the rules.

  • To participate in this contest, your account must be verified in the Project Crearte-Kids .
  • The title of the publication should be: Creartekids-Workshop - 01 / The Stencil: [title] By: @usuario
    Example: Creartekids-Workshop - 01 / The Stencil: My rabbit on a new moon. By @deisip67
  • Mention the materials you used.
  • Sign your art with your username.
  • Includes labels: #creartekids-workshop1 #draftcrearte #contest #steemexclusive
  • Be sure to post your entry in the DraftCrearte community.
  • Copy the link of your entry in the comments of this contest.
  • Only one entry per user.
  • It is important to comment on the other children's publications.
  • If you use a reference image, please leave the source link.
  • If any type of plagiarism is discovered, the user will be disqualified.
  • If you do not comply with any of the rules, you will not enter the list of participants.
  • Articles in Spanish or English.
  • Copy the link of your post in the comments of this post.
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30 STEEM will be distributed among the 5 best publications.



Entries will be received until Sunday, August 15 at 11:59 pm (Venezuelan time) and the winners will be announced the following day.

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Thanks @steemcurator01 for the support


Hola amiguita eta muy lindo tu creatividad, suerte en el concurso.

Me gusta, voy a conseguir los materiales.

 9 months ago 

Hola princesa @cnathalie, te estaré esperando.

 9 months ago 

De verdad @deisip67, estoy impresionado con el ejemplo que nos muestras, estoy seguro que los niños quedarán encantados con esta técnica e intentarán hacer sus obras.

 9 months ago 

Hermoso trabajo estoy segura que los niños se van a divertir mucho al mismo tiempo que van aprendiendo.

 9 months ago 

Excellent technique for creative children in the community, applying techniques that allow them to develop creativity and increase their artistic potential.

 9 months ago 

que hermoso trabajo y tecnica de arte, de seguro nuestros niños se animaran a realizarla, mi pequeña ya se presento pronto comenzara con sus publicaciones, gracias por tus orientaciones amiga @deisip67

 9 months ago 

Excellent work for the children.

Genial esto me parece súper.

Esta muy bonito el cuadro hace 7 años hice mi plantilla para stencill el cual hice para decorar el cuarto de mi hoy aun está en la pared mis elefantes azules 😍🤗

 9 months ago 

Que hermosura me encantala técnica.

This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

 9 months ago 

Thanks for your support.

 9 months ago 

Una interesante tecnica para nuestros pequeños
artistas. Estoy segura que todos van a dar lo mejor.
Saludos 🤗

 9 months ago 

Gracias @lenabotini, por comentar. Si así es los niños nos sorprendn cada día más con sus trabajos.

Qué hermoso proyecto, recordé mis días de preescolar con mi maestra Genoveva.

Luego cuando tuve mis hijos y llegaban las vacaciones escolares, siempre planeaba hacer actividades para realizarlas con mis muchachos. Esta fue una de ellas.
Gracias por activar mi máquina del recuerdo.

Hola Sra. @deisip67 la fecha de terminación creo que tiene un error.

Buenas noches aquí les dejo el enlace de mi participación espero les guste lo que hice con mucho cariño

Hola amigos por acá dejo mi participación me gustó este taller espero poder seguir los próximos. Suerte para todos.

 9 months ago (edited)

Gracias @deisip67 por traer está hermosa técnica, ya estoy asciosa por ver las creaciones de nuestros pequeños artistas. ❤️☺️☺️

 9 months ago 

Gracias, para mí es un honor trabajar para los niños.

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