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The call of creative artists on Discord has been growing, that is part of teamwork and commitment to the community, this is their home and creative school.

Discord is to stay informed, to emphasize what is new, current and necessary, in addition to maintaining dynamic conversations and is the place of interest for all users.

We want the active artist steemians of the #DraftCrearte community to stay connected and active on Discord, so that the doubts, clarifications of points of interest are supportedfor each one according to what is not known at first, is not clear and what we want to achieve as a community.

It is an adequate space for the clarification of doubts, guides and to keep informed of the rules of steemit and the community where each artist shares their art.


A channel where, in addition to receiving instructions, it is open to the suggestions of each member, because reciprocally taking into account the suggestions must be aware. Through Discord, we follow up on new and old members, in addition to keeping them informed of each new update on steemit, because it is important to be collaborative and in favor of each action. Each link that is left in the comments section of the artists to join DISCORD and in the pinned publication in the community, has the purpose of stimulating the creativity of the artists through promotion strategies, dynamics that encourage inetres, these help us to know the tastes and interest, in addition to the aspirations of the artists, with their comments, suggestions, and it is that each participation is important, for the learning and implementation of various topics in which the artists are the main protagonists.


INSTANT PRIZES for each dynamic formulated on Discord.

These dynamics have been activated for two weeks, and the artists have remained animated, little by little the interest is growing and we instruct on the importance of keeping in touch to maintain feedback. There are still many artist members to join, and although some know it is important that more unite in order to be more united, because that is important, and they have even already received their first prizes in the dynamics, remembering that two have been held, while users integrate being fair with each one.

What are the dynamics about?

It is about staying active on Discord, a participatory channel among all, where comments can be left during the day, afternoon or night, it is staying active, and from the participatory action the dynamics will be given. A comment, good morning, how are you, good afternoon, good evening, It makes the difference between being and not being,, start the activities. It's not just leaving a post, it's learning from that post, and Discord enables that message. When is the DYNAMIC activated?

Each dynamic is carried out in an active , with a certain number of users, encouraging them and encouraging us reciprocally to learn from each message through experience.

So how does it work?

With a theme start in request, comment, image, phrase, inspiration, action, anyone who has something significant in each one, because we know that it is so.

Suggested examples:

  • A question is asked for a single answer.
  • Phrases that inspire them with a single image.
  • Who is the artist of the week that you liked the most in the shared work.
  • Own images that they wish to share with meaning.
  • Since it was morning, afternoon or evening, it must contain an image as requested.
  • Artists want to visit places which would be and why, is there inspiration in that place?

Fun dynamics that lead to interaction where the important thing is to have fun through what is proposed.

Dynamics executed

Dynamics that interest and with which you learn about the tastes of the artists. Carried out with the members present during the week.

Click and have a better visualization

Participation of the artists at the moment of the dynamics:

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Sample of the dynamics for the example by moderators:

This is the second Dynamics contest on Discord, so far in 2022, which is interesting, knowing how much impact there is in the publications, in the content and in what they like to share or would like to experience. Each participant received 1 Steem, everything can change and vary according to the number of artists.

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It is an extremely easy and fun dynamic at the same time, everything is in feeling good and being participative interacting. You can vary in writings, images, users, post search, something out of the ordinary to do something different and motivating. The awards are announced in full dynamics and the more artists the more interesting it will be. What are you waiting for to participate?

For us as a community it is important that the world's artists in the creative community are participatory, this is open to all members of any country and language. EVERYONE IS INVITED AND ACCEPTABLE!

Artists join Discord, it is the most accurate medium for questions and answers, clarifications and more. Remember that the dynamics only take place with your participation. We also clarify that it is not only for contest, because the topics are varied and it is our duty to inform about the requests that arise daily in steemit, to achieve exclusive and quality content.

Commitment must be maintained for community growth, an active and committed member is needed to move forward.

Start of Dynamics and activity in the same 2022:

In the internal content there is information on various dynamics carried out, which we are sure you will like.


Active week member list.


IMPORTANT: The list in question is of the artists with activity of the week in the community, and everyone is invited to join discord, since they are "2,891 subscribers" and we want their participation as an active member.

This is also a way to keep informed of the daily advances of interest for the strengthening as an artist.

Every day, there are new members presenting themselves and there are other users with seniority who remain active, we want your participation as a decision in team work for steemit and its creative community #DraftCrearte.

10% of the rewards of this publication go to @crearte

Are you new and would like to join the community? Visit the following post for more details.

Starting with our creative community "DraftCrearte" of Steemit

Rules for User Verification

Links to support our DraftCrearte community via SP.

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 last year 

Si que me divertí en la primera dinámica, tuve la oportunidad de pasar a saludar en Discord y estaban por empezar con la dinámica.😀🎨

 last year 

Hello, I'm glad you found it interesting, and the important thing is to have fun. We all learn together. So, encourage yourself to always be on Discord to enjoy the content of the Dynamics. Greetings

Excelente las dinámicas que se realizan en Discord 👍🏼 Sigamos cada día más activos 🤗

 last year 

Hello, yes, it is very good because it allows us to get to know them in their interests as artists and have fun at the same time. Stay on Discord, we are waiting for you every day. Greetings.

 last year 

Sigamos.atentos a las nuevas dinámicas por Discord, seguro te divertirás.

 last year 

Hello, of course, Discord is important to be in communication, stay on Discord, since Dynamics are active daily thanks to their presence. Greetings.

 last year 

Me parece muy interesante esta estrategia con las dinámicas de cada semana felicitaciones.

 last year 

Hello, we are waiting for you in Discord, and you can participate in Dynamics every day, the week brings surprises. We are waiting for you again friend! Greetings.

 last year 

Que chévere dinámica amiga nos motiva apoyar a.los demás en sus publicaciones y valorar su contenido.

 last year 

Hello, of course yes, it's fun, we learn from each user, and it is that the interest in the work of another member is also important. We are waiting for you on Discord, for dynamics and opinions. Greetings.

 last year 

discord es un buen lugar para conversar, para aclarar dudas, para disfrutar, para conocerse, para disfrutar como amigos, Draftcrearte nos motiva a tener una mejor cercania entre nosotros sus miembros y ademas tenemos oportunidades de ganar divirtiendonos. gracias a quienes estan pendiente de estos pequeños y significativos detalles.

 last year 

Hello beautiful words without a doubt, your presence is important and the support of each one is also important. Learning from each one, at the same time get to know each other and be informed of everything that is a priority in steemit. We wait for you daily on Discord. Greetings.

M e encantaría participar se ve que es muy divertido y entretenido, no tengo internet y mis publicaciones las hago a través de un telefono, pero mi telefono no tiene la suficiente capacidad, espero en algún momento compartir con este grupo tan dinámico y familiar, saludos a todos.

 last year 

Hello, we will always be in Discord, calm down and we understand your position. In the same way we anchor the inetres publications and we follow up on their work. We're also on instagram https://www.instagram.com/draftcrearte/?hl=es-la , if you have any questions or queries. Greetings.

Mantengámonos activos en Discord, ya que ademar de participar en los concursos nos sirve de ayuda de toda la información que imparten acerca de la plataforma.

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