Chlorophytum Spider Ivy 🍃

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The Beautiful Chlorophytum comosum which is usually called spider plant but also known as spider ivy, ribbon plant & hen / chickens is a species of perennial flowering plant in the family of Asparagaceae.
It’s native to tropical & the southern Africa, but has become naturalized in other parts of the globe, including the western Australia.
The tubular roots are medically given for the treatment of bronchitis, burns & for bone fractures.
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Thank you for sharing

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I have several identical plants. In my country it is known as bad mother or tape. I did not know its medicinal properties. Thank you😊

great and useful plant

Hola amigo me gustan tus publicaciones por ellas aprendo los nombre de algunas de las plantas que tengo en mi jardín, gracias.

Thank you for the information @udibekwe , at our place the name is lily paris but there is a large one and small

I heard that it can be use to treat CANCER, how true is such claim?

Wow, I love this flower but it is actually rare in my place. Where are you from??