Cereus Jamacaru Cactus 🌵

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Cereus jamacaru is known as mandacaru or cardeiro, is a cactus that’s common in the Brazilian northeast which often grows up to 20feet in height. Their are also the thorn-less kind of cereus that’s used for animal feed.
But most common kind is highly thorny which is also used for animal feed, basically after burning or cutting off the visible thorns.
It’s free to use stock photo at will.
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Good to know it’s used to feed animals

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This is very informative about how we can use

tiny thorns on this cactus, the power to protect its existence.


My wife wanted to grow a cactus plant at my house but not luck favored this time!

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Comparto mi ejemplar...creo que sea del mismo 🌵

Me encantan los cactus amigo @tumbao este me parece realmente hermoso sus espinas lo hacen ver rojizo.... Que lindo 😘 🙏🤗

very nice captus in Indonesia in Indonesia this tree is used as for collections at home in a small pot and then in the house living room, I propt like captus trees, greetings from Indonesia @emirzafirdaus

Cactus 😯

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