Steemexclusive | How To Create Traditional Kretek Cigarettes

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I will post how to create hand made traditional kretek cigarettes. These cigarettes are cheap, and can be made yourself.
The ingredients needed to make this cigarette are:

  • Tobacco that has been dried. You can buy it at a shop that sells traditional spices or you can buy directly from tobacco farmers
  • cigarette paper, this paper is also sold by cigarette traders.
  • safe adhesive can also be used with water, but the cigarettes that will be produced do not last long.

This is the stage of making cheap traditional kretek cigarettes.
first, prepare the ingredients mentioned above, then take a little tobacco then put it on cigarette paper then roll it up to form like a cigarette, glue it with adhesive or water, then traditional kretek cigarettes can be used for smoking.

first stage prepare the ingridents

Take tobacco, put it on the cigatette paper

Roll tobacco paper so that it becomes a cigarette

Warning: Smoking can cause health problems, children under 18 years old and pregnant women are prohibited from smoking

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