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Have you ever thought about what is for your family? I never thought about it, but when I decided to make this post, I thought about what a family is. I made a couple of portraits of my dearest people. I'm not the most skilled with the camera and photography, but I tried and that's the most important thing. Enjoy the photos, I hope you like it :D


You may have seen this photo, but this one is my favorite because behind us is a beautiful landscape and above us a game of clouds. This is my family. Every man in the world has a family, everyone has people around him who are close to him and with whom he likes to spend and share his time. The family is something sacred, as soon as we are born, they accept us, take care of us and we all have to appreciate and respect that. Take care of your family as she takes care of you. For me, family is a source of warmth, a bright spot in this world, I know that only my family sincerely loves and respects me and that only they would do everything for me. My family consists of 6 members and I will be very happy to tell you something about them.


Each of us has a father, but for me, he is something special. Everyone talks about how daughters are most attached to dads, I think that's true. My dad is of medium height, black hair and pearly blue eyes. He is very witty and sociable. He is always smiling. I think he's the best man in the world. He is good to those who deserve it. When he is at home he spends most of his time with his family. He always helps me, no matter what it is, he tries to help, he takes care of us when my mother is not at home and he cooks us the most delicious lunches. She cooks better than mom. He always tries to make us happy. He taught me how to prepare my favorite dessert. He is an excellent cook and dad. I wonder why he doesn't work as a chef, I guess he only wants to share his culinary skills with his family. I love my dad and I respect him. Sometimes we quarrel, but that is normal because, after an argument, everything is sweeter.


This is my mother, she carried me in her stomach for 9 months, she suffered all the pain just to come into this world. No one can love us more than a mother, there is one mother and she always wishes us well. Her name is Olivera. He constantly tries to please us, he wants to make us happy even when the days are bad. She has blonde hair, brown eyes and is similar in height to my dad. The mother, like the father, is something special and they are the only ones in the world that no one can replace them. It may sound unusual, but my mother sat in the car with me for the first time and showed me how to drive a car. I like that my parents switched roles in some situations. My parents are something special to me, they try to have fun, they are not like other parents to watch TV all the time. They like to sit on the terrace, listen to music and enjoy life. I quarrel less with my mother, probably because my mother understands me more than my father.


This is my older brother. His name is Adam. He looks very much like his mother, but if you saw photos of my dad when he was little you would think he was my brother. My brother has beautiful blonde hair, green-blue eyes, and is taller than me, but for a man he is short. He knows how to joke, and he always tries to keep me safe and take care of me. My brother and I almost never quarrel, which is strange for my brother and sister. Okay, sometimes we quarrel, but it's because of him, because he cares too much about me and that sometimes annoys me because I can take care of myself. We are constantly talking and sharing secrets. He helps me the most with school assignments. I love my brother.



This is my youngest sister. Her name is Jana. I argue with her the most, but I also hang out the most, because we are girls. I give her my things, and sometimes she takes them on her own without question, it annoys me more. The more I argue with her, the more we love and hang out. She has become more mature and is starting high school a little more. Like every sister, we talk about boys and only the two of us understand each other. Sometimes she can be hard and spoiled, but that is normal because she is the youngest and she is most satisfied, but I think I am wrong because when I was her age, I was like that. I love my sister.



This is me. You probably know my name. My name is Sara. I don't like to talk about myself. I have brown hair, blue-green eyes like my brother, and I am of medium height. I'm finishing high school a little more. I train folklore and I love traveling. I don't know what I would write for myself, I would like one of my family members to do it for me, but I'm a little lazy to ask them. If I ask them then I have to wait for them to make a composition about me, and that will take time because they will probably joke about me :D


This is my dog, ie our dog. His name is Buddy. He has enriched and brought a little freshness to my family. He entered our home exactly a year ago and nothing has been the same since then. We all look at him as a child and he is a man for us, not an animal. We play with him all the time, and in the beginning, we worried too much, so we went to the vet for every little thing. He is a funny dog ​​with beautiful colorful fur. Keeping his coat is a real nightmare, he is a small dog, but sometimes he feels like we bought a wolf as much as he sheds. He is a very obedient dog, I thought he would make a mess everywhere around him, and he would defecate wherever he could, but it turned out not to be the case, he behaves like a man, he asks to go outside when he goes to the toilet. No one can be angry with him and he puts a smile on everyone's face. When he looks at you with those sweet black eyes he immediately cheers you up.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I enjoyed making it and sharing it with you fulfills me in a way. Greetings until the next post. I wish you a lot of love and happiness, Sara.

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Awesome pics of you and your family! Everyone looks great! :)

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