Ride like the wind

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Ride like the wind

The sun is shining, the sky is clear without a single cloud, everything around us smells. There is no reason not to go out, walk, play or ride a bike. There is nothing more beautiful than when you are outside, outdoors, where everything around you smells, the sun's rays play with the nature around you. I took my camera with me, you never know, maybe I come across something interesting that can be photographed. There is always something interesting to photograph, even when it doesn't seem that way.


A lot of people ride a bike, some ride for fun, and some for health reasons. Most people are not even aware of how healthy it is to ride a bike. I love riding a bike, the feeling of the wind playing with my hair is indescribable. There is no child who does not like to ride a bicycle, I think that is the first thing a child learns to ride a bicycle. Also, not only is it healthy for our body, but we do not pollute the environment, we enjoy the charms of nature and we feel good.


Cycling has so many advantages that it is difficult to count them all, and it is a rare thing that something is so healthy and useful for a child's body and that they like it. Bicycles and a magical ride with them touched the hearts of both boys and girls. And as long as the weather is nice, without rain, you should use them as much as possible for driving.

At this time, it is the hardest thing to force ourselves to go outside, because around our technology has advanced, we all sit in front of our smart devices and watch interesting content. When it rains and when the weather is bad, I am at home all day, lying down, sitting, and looking at my phone. I don't like that at all, after a while my spine starts to hurt and it's a not at all pleasant feeling. So I try to use every nice time to go out, take a walk and enjoy nature. I love when my whole family goes out, gets on the bike, and we all ride, joke, and enjoy together, after that I feel great and in a good mood.


Bicycle as a family friend:

  1. I studied a little, to see how healthy it is to ride a bike, I know it is healthy, but I was interested in how it affects our body.

  2. Nice weather, fresh air, and cycling will speed up our blood flow and reduce the risk of heart disease by as much as 50%

  3. It also speeds up the work of the intestines, heart, and brain

  4. It improves our immunity and makes us more resistant to bacteria

  5. The more we ride a bike the more agile and faster we become

  6. Cycling develops motor skills, balance, increases lung capacity but also strengthens self-confidence.

  7. Our body gets stronger, we increase our shape, sometimes it's hard because you will start to have muscles that you didn't even know existed, like me when I rode my bike a little longer.

  8. Some people ride a bike to lose weight, I'm not an expert, but I think it's the healthiest way to lose weight

  9. Our concentration also increases and we become more patient

  10. Better sleep

  11. We become happier, more satisfied, happier and spread that positive energy

I didn't know that riding a bike meant so much to us, I thought it was just a means of transport and a toy for children, I like to ride a bike, but I don't do it often, I know that my older brother doesn't get off the bike, even though he passed for the car. he continues to ride his bike. I don't think he knows how healthy cycling is either, he does it more for fun, he likes to go far from the city with his friends, my brother knows how to enjoy himself, he called me several times to ride with him and his friends, but I turned it down and now I regret it because the weather is bad and I will be in my room all day, watching the series while my spine is slowly making a bun :D


I think I will ride a bike more, enjoy life, and indulge in the charms of nature. There is nothing better than spending time outdoors, in the fresh air, and having fun with your friends. I learned something new by making this post, thanks to this community and I hope you enjoyed the post.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I enjoyed making it and sharing it with you fulfills me in a way. Greetings until the next post. I wish you a lot of love and happiness, Sara.

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