Beautiful Rose of My Home Garden

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Today morning when I got fresh and keep eyes on my balcony I found these beautiful roses in a flower pot. It was wet because of the rain and humidity atmosphere but it was looking awesome and it made my day with happiness and fulfillness.

13092021 Roz.jpg

Rose Plant In My House

CameraRedme 8 Smartphone
Photo Dimension3024x4032
Width3024 pixel
Height4032 pixel
Focus Length4 mm
Exposure Time1/125 sec.
ISO SpeedISO-100
Horizontal Resolution72 dpi
Verticle Resolution96 dpi
Bit Depth24
Photo Taken Date13 September 2021
Photo Taken Time09:52 am

The leaves of these plants are full green in color because the fresh rainwater is catering to the plant daily. My plants look so beautiful in the rainy monsoon season and I can't stop my eyes from seeing their beauty.

There are many trees also in my house garden so many flower plants decorate my home with nature and environment. It gives me a feeling of a small forest in my home.

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Absolutely beautiful ❤️💐
I love the sight 😍

Thank you @stitches11

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Realy beautiful rose flower plant photo you shared w/ us,thanks for sharing such a beautiful flowers
Pls keep sharing be happy and healthy

It's very beautiful indeed.

I also like roses. It rained just now and I took a picture. I hope you like it too.

I like it, so beautiful.

Seeing beautiful flowers will make you feel better.

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