Uses of Plumeria rubra - frangipani

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Plumeria rubra flowers are very familiar and close to everyone. This flower is mainly used as an ornamental plant in the house, but few people know the use of the plant. Plumeria rubra is not only beautiful and fragrant, but also a medicinal herb that helps cure diseases and has high value in traditional medicine.
In my country, this flower is used as an ornamental in the yard of the house, or planted in palaces and tombs, in addition to being included in poetry. The current trend is to plant in the cemetery. 😂😂😂
Thanks to the composition of the plant is more average, it has a light fragrance, so it helps to treat a number of diseases such as: Anti-inflammatory, relieves pain, except cough, sputum, helps lower blood pressure well without affecting or dilating blood vessels. The flowers contain essential oils that have a good effect on helping to clear heat and detoxify extremely well. helps to treat boils, or sores caused by sores, in addition, the white type is very good for treating diabetes and is highly effective when used.

I see the white variety grown more commonly, perhaps due to its medicinal effects. 😊😊😊
I have never used this plant for healing, however I do love its scent. Flowers are quite simple but still beautiful and fragrant. 😊😊😊


Beautiful flowers, nice capture.

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