The flower has many names and is luxurious

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The scientific name of this flower is Caesalpinia pulcherrima. But in Vietnam, this flower has many different names. I can list them as: Điệp Cúng, Kim Điệp, Phiên Hồ Điệp, Kim Phượng Hoa, Khổng Tước Hoa, Hoàng Hồ Điệp, Điệp Hoa ....
The most known popular name in my country is "Kim Phượng". It has Phoenix in its name, and the first word in its name, I'm not sure what that means.
In many provinces and cities in Vietnam, Kim Phuong is often grown in temples and gardens. On taboo days, many families still often use this flowers to set up an altar and think that this is a clean and pure flower, because not entangled fertilizer.
Buddhist temples often use yellow flower varieties, in folk, they prefer a variety of colors, so they use all available varieties. In addition to the effect of planting as an ornamental, Kim Phuong is only used for worshiping. Never seen anyone use to decorate festivals, weddings, or give each other on anniversaries.
In the hot months, Kim Phuong blooms the most and most beautiful flowers.
Do you think it looks a lot like Phoenix-flower?


Buenas tardes amiga muy hermosa tu flor en Venezuela es conocido como Clavellino

Hi!. That flower is beautiful. I`m from #Maracaibo, #Venezuela, in this place there is know like "Acacia roja". When I was a girl played with my sisters and cousins making wars of pistils, was very funny.

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