I got rid of the work fatigue by the beach. I had a pleasant time with a cute seagull.

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Hello friends;


When I left work in the evening, I was very tired and wanted to go to the beach and rest a bit. Fenerbahçe beach is one of my favorite places in Kadıköy. Sometimes I stop by here to relax and take in the sea air. I love animals. Birds, dogs, cats and others. I love all of them so much. There are many seagulls living in Istanbul. In this country, people feed them with bread and bagels. :) Seagulls, who like to eat more fish, also like to eat bagels and bread in Turkey. While I was sitting in my chair eating a bagel, a seagull approached me. She was very cute. I realized that he was hungry. He approached me as if he wanted something from me. I shared my bagel with this seagull. Of course I took a picture of it. I hope you will like it. You are free to use my photo.

Respect to all of you.


Thanks for sharing

Thank you.

Ah şu Türkler 😂😂🙏🇹🇷

Ah biz ah 😂🙏🇹🇷